Our Staff


Pamela Bates | Principal 

Matt Zinken | Assistant Principal

Judy Heisler | Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Lecour | Office Secretary

Learning Leaders

Katie Hogan | Learning Leader - Resource

Kathryn Fry | Learning Leader - Music


Kim Wrathall | Kindergarten

Lisa Schafer | Grade 1

Bronwyn Leifer | Grade 1

Caitlin Campbell | Grade 2/3

Mandi Jones | Grade 2/3

Suzette Tailon | Grade 3/4

Jess Kalanchey | Grade 3/4

Roselyn Chang | Grade 4/5

Adrienne Potter | Grade 4/5

Courtney Killam | Grade 4/5

Collin Peters | Grade 6

Adrienne Plaza | Grade 6

Brittney Trebilco | HUB Online Grade 4

Support Staff

Elizabeth Wright | Education Assistant

Vivian Chahine | Education Assistant

Dhruvi Vaid | Education Assistant

Jennifer James | Library Assistant

Mary Lansdell | Lunchroom Supervisor

Joy Rasmussen | Lunchroom Supervisor

Nadia Haymour | Lunchroom Supervisor

Anisa Pira | Lunchroom Supervisor

Sharron Murphy | Lunchroom Supervisor

Monileo Pascual | Facility Operator

Prashant Shrestha | Cleaner

Early Development Centre (EDC) Preschool Program

Wanda Small | Specialist

Karli Brinson-Chislett | Teacher

Rachel Gibson | Teacher

Ellen Daniels | Early Childhood Practitioner

Sanam Murji | Early Childhood Practitioner

Leanne Black | Early Childhood Practitioner

Janet Woodrock | Early Childhood Practitioner

Sara | Early Childhood Practitioner

Connie Waddle | Early Childhood Practitioner

Lisa H. | Early Childhood Practitioner

Dusty Doduck | Early Childhood Practitioner

Karin Hauf | Early Childhood Practitioner

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