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Communication between School and Home

Student Agenda Books

Communication between school and home is very important! We want to work in a partnership with parents / guardians / families to support student learning.The student agenda book is provided to all Grade 1 to 4 students to assist with communication. It is expected that the agenda book will be used to inform parents about classroom events and homework items as well as suggestions for support at home. It is also an opportunity for parents to inform teachers and ask questions. It is expected that parents will review the agenda book at the end of each day and sign or initial it. Teachers will check the agenda in the morning for any notes from parents and also initial these items. Of course other means of communication such as voicemail, e-mail and appointments are also available.

Classroom Websites

Teachers also provide information for parents and guardians through the use of a classroom or team website. Teachers
will communicate with you and include the link to their website early in September. Please ensure you take time to look at this website for important information about school and classroom happenings. Additionally, our website contains important information for parents. The website is updated regularly with school newsletters and other important school news.

Parent/Guardian Email Address

It is very important that the school have a current email address for parents/guardians on file at the school. Many
messages from the teacher and the school office are sent to parents/guardians using email. Please ensure your email
address is up-to-date with the school office.


Please make any arrangements with your child in advance, regarding different information for after school (such as different place to go after school, not going on the bus, etc.) before your child goes to school. We cannot interrupt classes for student phone calls unless it is an emergency. Calls will be forwarded to their teacher’s voice mail.

With regard to cell phones, we understand why parents may want their children to have a cell phone for safety and we
want to support that need while still providing the best learning environment for students. During the day, when students
are at school, they have access to teacher support and with the permission of a teacher, the use of classroom phones
when necessary. Parents may also leave messages or make contact through school phones. If you feel the need for your
child to bring a cell phone to school, please contact the school administration to discuss this arrangement.

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Earlier today we shared information with our families about the move to at home learning on Friday, May 7. At this time, students are expected to return to in-class learning on Tuesday, May 25 https://t.co/kcz9Qvd01x #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/jaxJxK5ugJ

RT @CrescentCowboys: Leadership 20/30 students have been taking initiative with our Mental Health Week. Check out @CrescentCowboys on Instagram to see what they have been up to! Here’s just a few of our #HatsOnForMentalHealth pictures! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/Gflv0cImyu

RT @RosedaleCBE: Honouring our National Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Day. Grade 9 artist shares her art. https://t.co/8kWWIpan2R

RT @feo_eagles_cbe: Hats on for Mental health🎓⛑🎩🧢 Super Sixes https://t.co/bVeuuUkLKv

Great job by this class of students at @MountViewCBE #WeAreCBE https://t.co/1g7NZKBi2u