Lunch Supervision

The Calgary Board of Education provides students with the option to stay at school for lunch. Lunch Supervision is offered to all students in Grades 1- 6 and in our full-day kindergarten programs for an annual fee. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information.

Lunchroom Expectations

The school provides a safe place for students to eat their lunch. Microwaves and hot water for noodles will not be provided. We are happy to accommodate a drop-in program at the cost of $5 per day. There is no milk program this year.

Students are expected to:

  • Respect all staff supervisors in the lunchroom.
  • Check in on the attendance sheet every day before sitting down to eat.
  • Clean up all garbage from their lunches.
  • Clean up anything they may have spilled.
  • Stay seated while eating.
  • Remain seated until the bell rings.
  • Walk in the hallways to and from the lunchroom.
  • Have written permission from parents/guardians if they are leaving the school grounds at lunch time.

Parents are asked to:

  • Submit a completed registration form and pay the required fees.
  • Provide their child with a lunch that meets their child’s needs.
  • Provide advance notice (dated and signed) if their child will be absent from the noon supervision service.

After the students eat their lunch they will have an outdoor recess, unless the weather is too cold or rainy. Please ensure students have appropriate outdoor clothing. Students will be offered a movie as one activity for inclement weather days. These movies will be G-rated. If you do not wish your child to view these movies, please call the school at 403-777-8150 and we will ensure they participate in one of the other activities.

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