Our Staff

Contacting Teachers or Administrators

We that you contact teachers directly if you have information/concerns you would like to pass on, or requests about homework or marks. If you don’t receive a response within 48 hours, please contact one of the school’s administrators for follow-up.

If you are unsure of which teacher(s) to contact, ask your child for more information. Due the staffing limitations, we typically cannot gather homework for you.

Appointments with Teachers or Administrators

As our staff have busy schedules, which often conflict, it is very important that you contact them via email to request an appointment, rather than just showing up at the school. Staff will make every effort to meet with you in a timely manner.


PositionName & Email
PrincipalLi, Shelly 
Assistant Principal / Teacher-Grade 7 Math/SciGammell, Cat

Teaching Staff

PositionName & Email
Grade 7/8 TeacherHansen, Carmen
Grade 7 TeacherProuse, Martin
Grade 7 TeacherPoulin, Jillian
Grade 7 TeacherMichalak, Mark
Grade 8/9 Teacher/Learning LeaderLock, Loretta
Grade 8/9 Teacher/Learning LeaderRay, Chelsea 
Grade 8/9 TeacherMcClure, Jason
Grade 8/9 TeacherCrecco, Andrea
Grade 8 TeacherSegovia, Gonzola
Learning LeaderBroks, Tammy
Teacher L&LKohler, Peter
Teacher L&LWilkins, Jennifer S 
Teacher HUBBates, Tonya
Teacher HUBPrivat, Steven
Teacher HUBReczka, Anne
Teacher-MandarinLiu, Susan (Jun Hong)
Teacher-MandarinFan, Marissa (Wenhui)
Teacher-MandarinHan, Tess (Yunxuan)
Teacher-ALPFlemming, Michelle

Support Staff

PositionName & Email
Administrative SecretaryWeatherhead, Karen
Library AssistantBelisle, Cherise
Educational AssistantDay, Deborah
Education AssistantKorn, Baiba
 Educational AssistantValkenburg, Nicole
 Educational Assistant
Patricia L , Sefel
Facilities OperatorHe, Michael
Facilities TeamMydland, Bryan
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