Nov 25
Featured Community Connection – Community Education Service

This week I would like to highlight the Community Education Service (​CES) as a valuable community service with varied supports for families. CES is an arm of Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Children’s Hospital that offers upwards of 100 FREE online presentations each year. Expert speakers deliver timely, credible information and best-practice strategies to support the development and mental health of a child or youth in your life. CES offers a variety of upcoming live webinars as well as recorded presentations to support families. All of these sessions are free and can be found on their website. Examples of sessions include:Caregiver Self-Care and Co-Regulating with Your Child, Mindfulness: Supporting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Well-being. If you are looking for practical seminars to support you on your parenting journey, be sure to take a moment to explore this free resource further. You will also find helpful Community Links in the Resources tab. This is definitely a website worth checking out.​

Nov 18
Featured Community Connection – Calgary Public Library

There is nothing I love more on a snowy evening than curling up with a good book. I have been a Calgary Public Library member for over 25 years. The library has changed and evolved through the years (all for the better), however the one constant for me has been it is where I get my books. Sure, I purchase books occasionally, but I am such a voracious reader that I really don’t think I’d be able to afford to feed this healthy habit without access to the Public Library. My ritual of toting all my books to the return bin, browsing the shelves (much needed me time), signing out my new picks and toting them all home again is such a comforting and calming routine for me. I love to see stacks of books in my favorite reading spots all over the house. I admit my goals are often a bit lofty and sometime I need to return books before I have a chance to read them, but I keep going back for more.

If you have not been to your local Calgary Public Library location in a while (or ever) I encourage you to do so soon. I also urge you to check out their online presence. They have an amazing Students section with great resources for school in so many different learning areas (literacy, math, science, art, etc.). They even have a Lego Club!

Nov 04
Digital Citizenship at HMS

Part of being an upstanding community member is practicing good citizenship. While we may be used to having discussion with our children about what this means in general, it may be easy forget to include digital citizenship as part of the conversation. Children growing up in this digital era have to navigate a whole different set of social conventions that did not exist for many of their parents. Being a safe and respectful citizen in an online environment takes intentional teaching. Digital citizenship is about responsibly participating in digital environments. It is key to helping our students learn to use available technology safely in the classroom and beyond. 

We have updated our Digital Citizenship Plan on our website. If you visit our Digital Citizenship page you will find attachments for the 2022-23 Digital Citizenship Plan, as well as Division 1 and 2 Digital Citizenship Agreements. Teachers will be taking this work up in classrooms and referencing these documents. We ask that all families review the Digital Citizenship Plan and the Agreements with your child(ren). If you have questions please contact your child’s teacher.

Oct 14

As I have previously mentioned, we are very proud of our start up here at Haultain Memorial School. Teachers began the school year with a strong focus on supporting students with self-regulation. As educators and parents, we all know that children are at their best when they are regulated. This means their minds and bodies are calm and alert, thus ready for learning. We know what this looks like in our children (contented smiles, active engagement, respectful interaction), but attaining this state is a whole different story.

We have been using common Zones of Regulation™ language at our school to help students understand their states of regulation and we have been intentionally teaching them tools they can access to help them achieve a calm, alert state for learning. This supports self-care, pro-social behaviour and overall well-being. You may have heard Zones language in conversation with your child. Here is a quick run-down, or cheat sheet of the four zones.

Blue (Sad, Sick, Hurt, Tired)
Green (Happy, Focussed, Calm, Proud)
Yellow (Nervous, Surprised, Confused, Silly)
Red (Angry, Elated, Terrified)

You can read more about the Zones from this website. The Zones allow students to put language to their feelings and to label what their emotional states are in order to then implement strategies for appropriately dealing with whatever Zone they may find themselves in. It is important to acknowledge that it is normal to experience all four zones and it is okay if children do find themselves in the blue, yellow or red zones. What is important is our ability to identify where we are, and practice accessing tools to get back into the green zone.

I often tell students my favorite tool is focussing on my breath. In fact, I have two posters in my office to remind me. One says, inhale, the other says exhale. It helps to have a visual to support me. If you have been in our school, you may have noticed various regulation stations and visual cues in our classrooms and hallways reminding student about tools they can use to support their own self-regulation. Ask your child what they already know about the Zones.

Sep 23
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Orange Shirt Day

On September 30 all CBE schools will be closed for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

“For more than a century, thousands of Indigenous children were taken from their homes and placed in residential schools, as part of a policy of assimilation into European and Christian culture” ( Staff at CBE school have been working collectively to build foundational knowledge about the past and take steps toward reconciliation. Teachers here at Haultain Memorial School have been involved in opportunities to learn from knowledge keepers, Elders and allies.

On September 29, we are having our Orange Shirt day to show our support. Students will be creating a collaborative whole-school art project and teachers will be involving students in age-appropriate lessons with curricular connections on this important topic.

The City of Calgary is hosting an Orange Shirt Day event on September 30, 10:00 AM at Fort Calgary, 750 9 Ave. S.E. Participants are encouraged to wear orange in remembrance. The event will also be livestreamed at I encourage you, if you are able, to participate in this community event as a family.

Melanie Young

Sep 16
Families Matter – Free Community Programs

Calgary is a city rich in community programming. One such resource is Families Matter. As you will read on their website, “(They) strengthen families by creating learning opportunities that build confidence, competence and connection through life’s transitions”. Currently, they are offering some great parent programs that are open for registration on their website. Some course titles include, Positive Discipline for Parents of Children 6-12, Understanding Your Child’s Learning Styles, and How to Talk so Teens Will Listen. Some sessions are on-line while others are in person. These programs are all no-cost to you. Please note there are different locations for the programs and spaces are limited. It’s a complicated time to be a parent, however there are opportunities to access support in our amazing community.

Melanie Young

Sep 12
New Curriculum

As you may already know we are implementing new Physical Education and Wellness, Math, and English Language Arts curriculums in Alberta. Our teachers have already invested much time and effort into learning the new curriculum, understanding the changes and collaborating with colleagues to design robust learning tasks. The CBE has been offering system based professional learning opportunities and we are also taking this work up as a staff here at Haultain Memorial School. The new curriculum is available on the new LearnAlberta website.

The Alberta Regional Consortium has created two parent session that provide an overview to the new curriculum. They are presented in video format and the links are provided below. I encourage families to take some time to learn about the changes.

The staff here at Haultain Memorial School are highly invested in this work and are committed to providing all students with opportunities to access the knowledge, understanding, skills and procedures within the learning outcomes of the new curriculum. While change can sometimes make us wary, we also know that change can be a lever for innovation and new ways of thinking. It is an exciting time for teachers and learners in Alberta.

Melanie Young

Sep 06
The Atmosphere is Positive!

It’s official, even though it has only been two days with students, our first day with students is in books! The atmosphere in the school and schoolyard has been overwhelmingly positive. Students were eagerly chatting with old friends and busy making new ones. Parents have been catching up with each other in the school yard. Staff have been forming those essential strong relationships with students and excitedly exchanging tips and tricks with each other. Haultain Memorial has really been like a hive buzzing with positive energy and enthusiasm.

The staff here are so grateful to be working with each other in such an amazing community. I want to recognize all of their efforts to ensure your children have had the best possible start up to this school year, which special mention for Mr. Rochon worked his usual magic over the summer so that everyone was greeted by a clean, gleaming building. Thank you for entrusting your children to us each day. Rest assured they are well cared for here and are receiving the world-class education that the Calgary Board of Education is famous for.


Melanie Young

Aug 29
We Hope You Had a Wonderful Summer

We hope you all had a wonderful summer and were able to enjoy some of the activities that you may have had to put on hold these last few years. I was thankful to spend time with family and friends I haven’t seen in what feels like ages. I hope you enjoyed those same feelings of normalcy and re-connection.

The staff at Haultain Memorial have been working diligently in the background setting the stage for what will be another amazing opening to the school year. We are all looking forward to footsteps in the hallways, excited conversation and smiles on faces. We know that this year holds potential for much growth, collaboration, and community connection.

We know the amount of information at the start of the year can feel overwhelming. However, we are asking that you please read all of the information we are sending. We don’t want you to miss important details.

It is our desire to publish weekly communication for families in a similar format to what you see here. It will have dates you need to know about for the week ahead, a few of the important upcoming dates in our calendar, often a brief reflection from myself and key news items you need to know about.

We are looking forward to seeing our students back on September 1.

Melanie Young

Jun 24
Summer Activities

As we approach our summer break I would like to thank everyone for all that you have done to contribute to the Haultain Memorial community. On behalf of all staff, we thank you for entrusting us with your most precious small humans each day. Thank you for stepping up when we needed help as well as joining us for assemblies, open houses, School Council meetings, and even just stopping by for a chat in the school grounds. This community has shown resilience through some pretty tough years. You all have demonstrated a spirit of tenacity and persistence that only makes us stronger together. I hope you will all take time this summer to be together, relax, recharge and connect to the things that bring you joy. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall a​s we embark on new learning journey together. For those families moving on from Haultain, we all wish you the very best as you move into new schools and new adventures.

I will take this final opportunity to give one for plug for community-based programming. Check out the City of Calgary - Free Activities on their website!

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