Three Pillars of Care

Our school uses the "Three Pillars of Care" to guide our interactions. Everyone is encouraged to:

  1. Care for themselves
  2. Care for others, and 
  3. Care for this place

School Rules

Self-discipline is the best form of discipline. We also believe that encouragement for good behaviour and good work habits is more effective than punishment. We will make every attempt to incorporate this belief in dealing with our students. It is most important that school staff and parents work together and support one another when working through student discipline problems. The school rules are as follows:

  1. Come to school to work and learn.
  2. Respect the rights and dignity of others.
  3. Listen to adults.

School Expectations

  1. The bell means that school has started. Students are required to enter the building promptly. Teachers are in charge of student entry.
  2. Students who are reported absent by the homeroom teacher and who arrive late are to check in at the office for their late slip.
  3. Playground equipment is provided through the classroom or lunchroom staff.
  4. Students are to use trashcans located by the playground and at the doorways.
  5. All students can use the creative playground, compound area and fields in a reasonable manner (supervisor’s discretion). The climbing of the backstops, gates, electric box, etc. is not allowed. The area along the fence (Queensland Drive), below the hill is out of bounds. Students are to remain visible to the supervisors.
  6.  All grades Kindergarten to grade 2 are to use the goal posts on the east side of the playground and grade 3 to 6 use the goal posts on the west side of the playground.
  7. Students must remain on the school property during recess.
  8. Parking lot and front lawn are off limits.
  9. Snow and rocks are to remain on the ground.
  10. Students should leave rollerblades, hardballs, lacrosse balls and hockey sticks at home. Skateboards are not allowed on C.B.E. property.
  11. Students are expected to attend regularly and punctually.
  12. Students being picked up during school hours are to be met at the office and signed out by the adult.
  13. Walking and other sensible inside conduct is required in the hallways. When moving between classes, students will move in a quiet orderly manner down the appropriate side of the hallway.
  14. Students are encouraged to use washrooms and fountains prior to the dismissal bell at recess.
  15. Activities cease when announcements are being made on the intercom.
  16. Classrooms and cloakrooms should be left in a neat condition.
  17. Student access to the building is from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. All doors will be locked during school hours except during supervision (student entry) times. To access the building, please ring the grey buzzer to the left of the front door.

General School Rules

These apply in and around the school premises and during the lunch program.

  • Once the student has arrived on the school grounds, he/she must remain on the school grounds unless permission to leave has been received at the office.
  • The parking lot and front yard of the school are out of bounds to students.
  • Fighting, “play fighting”, tackle sports, swearing and abusive language is not acceptable in the school or on the playground.
  • Snowball throwing or “face washing” and rock throwing are considered dangerous and are not acceptable on the playground.
  • Eating of snacks and gum chewing are reserved for recess/lunch breaks.
  • Outdoor footwear should be removed at the entry doors. A pair of indoor shoes, preferably proper running shoes, should be kept at school for use in both regular classes and the physical education program.
  • Students enter and leave the building using “inside voices” and travel in an orderly manner in hallways.
  • It is an assumption that students who are well enough to attend school are well enough to go outdoors during the morning and lunch recess. In particularized situations the school is able to make some accommodations. Please contact the office if you require support.
  • At dismissal times students should arrange to meet siblings, parents, or caregivers at an agreed upon location on the outside playground area. Outside of unanticipated emergencies, the school staff is unable to provide after-school care or supervision. As such we request that families make the necessary arrangements to ensure the safety of their children after dismissal times.
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