Personal Belongings

Footwear Requirements

We request that each child have a pair of “indoor shoes,” preferably runners, which can be left at the school and worn indoors only. As well as helping to keep our school clean, these shoes can be used in the gym for physical education.

Please Label Possessions

Please put names or initials on all articles sent to school. This enables us to return lost items and reduce the amount of lost and found articles in our collection. The lost and found table is in the main hallway outside of the staff room. You are invited to
drop in and check the items if you feel that your child has lost something.

Electronics and Expensive Items Best Left at Home

We discourage children from bringing valuable items as well as toys to school, even if they are a good show and tell item, as we cannot take responsibility for breakage, loss or theft. Items such as iPods, handheld game systems, and cell phones should remain at home unless, in consultation with the teacher, the device is being expressly used for a specific learning purpose. If a student must bring a cell phone, it is to remain off and in his or her backpack during school hours. Parents who wish to contact their child during school hours may call the office at 403-777-6860.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in the hallway. Articles of clothing or other items found around the school or playground are put in the lost and found. The exceptions are valuables and money, which are turned into the office. As many students do not claim their belongings, parents are asked to check the lost and found area periodically to claim their child’s possessions. Please assist us by clearly labeling all belongings for easier identification. The school does not assume responsibility for any personal property of students. Unclaimed articles of clothing are donated to charitable groups throughout the school year.

Bikes and Other Sports Equipment

All scooters and bicycles are to be locked at the bike racks near the creative playground. The children are to bring locks for their scooter or bicycle. For the safety of all, they are to be walked while on school property. If they cannot be locked or if they are ridden on the property they will be kept by a staff member until a parent is able to pick them up from the school.

Inline skates that are worn to school as a means of transportation must be exchanged for outdoor shoes prior to entering the school grounds and placed into a backpack. Skateboards and Heelys are not to be ridden on school board property.

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