Parental Support for Learning

The CBE encourages all schools to work with parents  to identify ways in which parents can support the school’s learning program.

Here are some ways in which the School Council and the staff of Haultain Memorial School think that parents can provide this support...

  • Ensure that children attend school regularly and punctually.
  • Send children to school properly rested, nourished, groomed and dressed.
  • Contact the school when it is necessary for children to be absent or to arrive late.
  • Base all staff/parent contacts on mutual respect.
  • Keep staff current with information they need to understand each child’s behavior and learning needs.
  • Keep aware of children’s educational programs and progress
  • Check agenda book daily for homework assignments, ensure homework is done and then sign the agenda book.
  • Participate in parent conferences and other programs for parents organized by the school
  • Actively encourage children to recognize the importance of the school and learning.
  • Support and encourage respect for the school’s expectations for student behavior
  • Actively participate in home study by encouraging it and providing a suitable place for it to take place.
  • Keep informed regarding your children’s friends and out-of-school activities.
  • Respond to school requests for parent participation with staff in decision making concerning school policy and practice.
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