Our Staff

Mr. Mike MacDonaldmpmacdonald@cbe.ab.caVM 3105
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Tara Ernst tpernst@cbe.ab.caVM 3106
Administrative Assistants
Mrs. Terry Armstrongtlarmstrong@cbe.ab.caVM 3177
Mrs. Lucy Woo-Leonglgwooleong@cbe.ab.caVM 0
Learning Leaders
J. Day - Student Support LL
J. Harms - Math LL
N. Pearson - Technology LL
K. Wajda - Instructional Design LL

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Teaching Staff

L. Almldalm@cbe.ab.caVM 3244
J. Bakkerjjbakker@cbe.ab.caVM 3244
Grade 1
D. Campanellidlcampanelli@cbe.ab.caVM 3249
A. Liakli@cbe.ab.caVM 3250
J. Palsichjapalsich@cbe.ab.caVM 3248
I. Spelayiespelay@cbe.ab.caVM 3226
Grade 2
M. Drummond & K. Wajdakdwajda@cbe.ab.ca
VM 3151
T. Foesierttfoesier@cbe.ab.ca
VM 3154
A. Heagyalheagy@cbe.ab.caVM 3153
M. Pattersonmtpatterson@cbe.ab.caVM 3219
Grade 3
L. Howard-Masonllhowardmaso@cbe.ab.caVM 3245
S. Mawanishmawani@cbe.ab.caVM 3246
C. Yongchyong@cbe.ab.caVM 3117
S. King
VM 3138
Grade 4
C. Campbellctbond@cbe.ab.caVM 3225
K. Jonassonkejonasson@cbe.ab.caVM 3224
K. Trankrihenderson@cbe.ab.caVM 3120
M. Vroommdvroom@cbe.ab.caVM 3119
Grade 5
J. Harms jjharms@cbe.ab.ca
VM 3235
R. Raudemraude@cbe.ab.caVM 3236
F. Swintonfcswinton@cbe.ab.caVM 3233
M. Williamsonmlwilliamson@cbe.ab.caVM 3234
Grade 6
C. Foretclforet@cbe.ab.ca
VM 3220
N. Pearsonnlpearson@cbe.ab.caVM 3222
C. Wilsonclwilson@cbe.ab.caVM 3221
K. Smithkdsmith@cbe.ab.caVM 3155
Physical Education (PE)
M. Janzicmijanzic@cbe.ab.caVM 3002
Student Support
J. Dayjmday@cbe.ab.caVM 3107

Library / Learning Commons Staff

D. Wongdmwong@cbe.ab.caVM 2174

Support Staff

C. Czeckcahart@cbe.ab.ca
A. Irfanabirfan@cbe.ab.ca
A. Bothwellallee@cbe.ab.ca
N. Nixlni@cbe.ab.ca
K. Shmyrkoktshmyrko@cbe.ab.ca
S. Washingtonsuwashington@cbe.ab.ca
J. Hughesjshughes@cbe.ab.ca
D. Petelskidlpetelski@cbe.ab.ca
K. Tangkftang@cbe.ab.ca
R. Vianiroviani@cbe.ab.ca
N. Waynjway@cbe.ab.ca
A. Ibrahimamibrahim@cbe.ab.ca

Caretaking Staff

Facility Operator
C. Migmartsbayaraa@cbe.ab.caVM 3143

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