We have high expectations for all students. These expectations exist to ensure that each child feels safe and comfortable in an environment that promotes personal growth and academic achievement.

We encourage students to:

  • Be the best they can be in all school activities involving both work and play. Goal setting and self-evaluation are part of our assessment.
  • Be friendly, helpful and good examples to others.
  • Be respectful and courteous at all times to students, staff and parents in our school.
  • Be regular and punctual in their school attendance. Students must report at the office when arriving late or returning from a medical appointment.
  • Walk in hallways at all times, keeping to the right hand side.
  • Resolve problems with other students in a peaceful way.
  • Remain within the school grounds during the day – except when returning home or to a caregiver for lunch. Students, who need to return home for homework, must come to the office and call home for permission before leaving the school.
  • Enjoy the creative playground. Students must play safely on the equipment at all times. Slides should only be used to slide down.
  • Assist school efforts in support of the environment (recycling). Bins are located in the school to receive recyclable paper and cardboard from our classrooms. Recycling of juice boxes and water bottles is initiated by School Council.
  • Respond to fire drills and lock-down procedures promptly and safely. Students are taught these procedures in their classes.
  • Participate in Extra-Curricular Activities as desired. Extra-curricular activities may occur before school, at recess, after lunch and sometimes after school. It should not be necessary for students to phone home on these occasions, as they are usually noted on the school calendar each month. Students who join in these activities are expected to attend regularly and exhibit responsible behaviour.

Follow school policies for appropriate use of computers and the internet as well as cell phones, electronic games and digital devices. Personal electronic devices and cell phones must be turned off and kept in backpacks or desks and are reserved for use before/after school. However, educational use of digital devices and cell phones is encouraged but must first be discussed with the teacher prior to being used. Staff may confiscate devices with inappropriate material or for disrespectful use of applications.

Student Discipline

Students should take appropriate responsibility for their actions at all times at school. They will recognize that there will be consequences when inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour occurs.

Consequences, in general, will often be determined and agreed upon by the staff and students involved and will reflect community standards. In more serious situations, the parents may be informed through a note in the student agenda,
a letter, or telephone call from the student and/or staff member. Repeated offences or ongoing behavioural difficulties may require a meeting with parents to resolve the concerns.

Consequences where behaviour has been aggressive, dangerous and unprovoked could include a playground suspension, an in-school suspension or a formal suspension from school for a specified period. Parents will be contacted
in situations where serious misbehaviour occurs or is continued.

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