Illness & Medical

Keep Us Informed of Student Issues

Please inform the school of any special health concerns regarding your child. This is most important in cases of allergies and for students unable to participate in physical activities. Parents of students with severe allergies or medical conditions must update this information each year on a form available from the office or the CBE website.


We are a Nut Aware School

We are committed to providing a safe environment that is inclusive for all children. A number of our students have a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanut and tree nuts. Parents of children with allergies must fill out appropriate forms (also available in the office) and ensure the school has the necessary medication on-hand should a reaction occur. We ask that parents who are sending in classroom treats, please avoid the noted products. Staff is trained annually in the administration of an Epipen. 

Ilness and Injury

Students who are too sick/injured to go outdoors should be kept at home until their health improves. Students that need to stay inside for reasons other than health (broken leg, etc.) will require a note from home. Where medication is to be administered to students by staff, a CBE form must be filled out each year, signed by parent/guardian and returned to the school. The medical form is available from the school office and the CBE website.

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Community Education Services February 2018 Newsletter

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