Classes & Departments

Six Day Timetable

Hawkwood School operates on a rotating six-day timetable. This means that our class schedules are based on a six-day system rather than a Monday-to-Friday schedule. This allows us to plan our school programs more effectively. 


Grade Teacher
Kindergarten Lisa Alm
Jennifer Bakker
Grade 1

Tamara Foesier

Anna Li

Ingrid Sinclair

Kristen Winiarski

Grade 2

Deb Campanelli

Judy Palsich

Amber Wishart

Grade 3

Chelsea Campbell / Kallie Campbell

Katie Jonasson

Susan Symington

Kristina Tran

Grade 4

Rosemarie Colwell

Laurel Howard-Mason

Shariffa Mawani

Cindy Yong

Grade 5

Janelle Harms

Nicole Pearson

Rebekah Raude

Chris Wilson

Grade 6

Margaret Drummond / Arlene McGrath

Angela Heagy

Faye Swinton

Arlene Mcgrath

Bridges Sheila King
Music Kaitlyn MacDonald
Physical Education Emma Fraser


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