​Off-Site Activities at the CBE

At the CBE, we call “field trips” off-site activities. Off-site activities are learning experiences that​ occur away from the school site and are organized and supervised by the CBE. All off-site activities must adhere to our Administrative Regulation 3027 – Off-Site Activities. Off-site activities enable students to participate in quality learning experiences that are:

  • Supporting educational outcomes
  • Relevant, flexible, and accessible
  • Connected to the Alberta Programs of Study and learning outcomes, Guide to Education and CBE Results statements

An off-site activity usually originates with the classroom teacher (called the teacher-in-charge) who makes a proposal to his or her principal. Once the activity is approved (based on learning impact and safety), the teacher will provide information to parents regarding the off-site activity including potential risks that are unique to the activity.

Preparing Your Child for an Off-Site Activity

  • Read all of the information sent home with your child from the teacher
  • After reviewing information, if you want your child to participate in the off-site activity sign the Acknowledgment of Risk Form​ and any other documents provided by the teacher
  • A parent meeting is required for all overnight off-site activities, and may be held for other off-site activities
  • Talk to your child about the activity – where they will go, what they will do and what they will be learning about
  • The consent of the parent, guardian, or volunteer must be obtained before the student may participate in an off-site activity

Volunteering for an Off-Site Activity

If you want to volunteer for an off-site activity, you can find more information on the Volunteer page (in the Get Involved section of our website).​​

Off-Site Activities

Trips and Special Events

Throughout the school year, there will be a number of school and class activities offered to students. In some cases, a financial cost will be involved. While we try to space out these events as much as possible, we often have little control over when they are offered because of seasonal demands or when the opportunity arises.

These activities are regarded as a valuable part of the school curriculum and expectations are that all students will attend. An authorization form must be signed before your child may participate on any field trips. Payment of fees for field trips and class presentations is included in the fees paid in September. This avoids frequent requests for money throughout the year.

There may be some occasions when, for various reasons, parents do not wish their child to participate in a specific school activity. Please inform your child’s teacher in advance so that alternate arrangements can be made. 

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