Personal Belongings

Bikes and Scooters 

We encourage our students to ride their bikes/scooters to school. 

During school hours we ask that:       

  • Students entering schools grounds get off their bikes  (scooters, skateboards etc.) and walk them to the bike racks,
  • Students wear helmets as they ride (as per Alberta Bike Helmet Legislation wherein individuals under the age of 18 must wear a safety helmet), and 
  • Students lock their bikes and scooters up outside to keep them secure (We do not have the space to store these items safely in the school). 

We appreciate your support in reviewing these rules with your child and keeping the Haysboro School Community safe.

Sports and Electronic Equipment

Students using sport equipment such as lacrosse sticks and hockey/ringette sticks etc. for their intended purpose while outside at recess are welcome to enjoy participating in their favourite sporting activities.  We ask that students are mindful of theirs and others safety if bringing sports equipment  to school. If a student is observed using their sports equipment in a manner other than its intended purpose, it may be confiscated and stored at the school office until such time a parent/guardian can retrieve it. Students will be asked to leave the equipment at home until it is determined that they can use it appropriately and for its intended purpose  while on school grounds.

We also advise that expensive items such as electronic equipment stay at home. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Cell Phones 

Many students have cell phones for safety and the purpose of contacting their families en route to and from school.  They are free to check their phones before and after school.  We ask that phones are kept on silent/vibrate modes (preferably secure in the student's backpack) during the school day, so as to not distract from learning. While at school, we ask that students who need to phone their parents, use the classroom phones or the phone at the school office.  

Should you need to contact your child during the school day, the school office is happy to pass along the message to the student, or in emergency situations, either forward the call to the student's classroom or have them come to the school office to take the call.  

Using phones to take or distribute pictures/videos is of other students is not permitted.  We also advise that expensive items such as electronic equipment stay at home. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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