​​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Parking & Drop-Off

Our Parking Lot

 Please note that for student and staff safety the parking lot is not available for student drop off and pick up at any time. Our parking lot is quite narrow and makes it challenging for cars to enter and exit without backing up into traffic making this a hazard. As well, we have many staff members who come and go at different times during the day – all spots are assigned and empty spots are not available for parking or pulling into.  

Parking is available on the street in alongside the school on the playground side as well as across the street. We do have a designated bus zone directly alongside the school; there is no parking or dropping off allowed in the bus zone. 

Please help us keep our students safe by:

  • stopping at a safe distance for our patrollers
  • no U-turns in the cross walk or in a playground zone
  • attending to the speed limit (playground zone speed limit is 30km/hour)
  • do not stop in the cross walk
  • always cross at the cross walk rather than in the middle of the road
  • watch for pedestrians
  • leave the bus zone for the bus


Patrol duties are performed by Grade 5 and 6 students and are supervised by Grade 5/6 teacher sponsors. Patrol hours are  8:30 AM-8:45 AM and 3:30 PM -3:40 PM. Patrols are located at 87th Avenue and 11th St.

Student Entry and Supervision

We provide outdoor supervision 15 minutes before the morning and afternoon entry bells. For the safety of your child, please ensure that he/she does not arrive at school before 8:30 AM and 12:40 PM. Students enter and exit through their designated doors.  Students are required to go home after dismissal at 3:30 PM. Outdoor play supervision is not provided after school.  If children remain on school grounds after school, it is assumed that they have parent approval. 

After School Arrangements

Please ensure your children go home, to the babysitters or to day-care immediately after dismissal. Visits to other students’ homes, extracurricular activities, etc., should be arranged at home before students leave for school.

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