Dress Code

CBE policies state that students should follow standards of dress and grooming as set by the principal, the school’s staff and the school &  parent council. We expect student dress and grooming to reflect H. D. Cartwright as a place of work and learning. The criteria for dress/grooming include:

  • safety in all activities
  • appropriateness for the school environment (no excess exposed skin (regardless of gender), no images or expressions deemed inappropriate for a school setting, including drug or alcohol references, inappropriate language, etc.)
  • hair that does not represent a hazard in work areas
  • no gang-related attire or symbols (such as bandanas, hand gestures or images
  • coats, sunglasses and jackets must be left in school lockers during class time

Staff members are required to monitor the appropriateness of student attire. They are given the authority to require any student not meeting dress standards to either change into appropriate attire or their gym strip. If suitable attire is not available, students may be requested to return home to change into suitable clothing before being admitted to class.  

Physical Education Dress Requirements

Students are encouraged to have a separate change of clothing for Physical Education classes: running shoes, socks, t-shirt, shorts or sweatpants. Students should also have clothing for outside classes such as sweat pants, sweaters, hats or gloves during inclement weather.

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