Our Staff

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PositionName & Email
PrincipalMs. Aileen Smyth
Assistant Principal (A to G)
& Indigenous Students
Ms. Beverly Delion
Assistant Principal (H to O)Mr. Tony Barile
Assistant Principal (P to Z)Mr. Rory Stabler
Administrative SecretaryMs. Juanita Spielman
Business ManagerMs. Lei Lei Proctor
School Resource Officer (SRO)Constable Kirby Adolph

Guidance Counsellors

PositionName & Email
Surnames A-G               Ms. Aly Lefebvre
Surnames H-OMs. Christine Little
Surnames P-ZMs. Josy Renaud

Teaching Staff

Alphabetical by Last Name

PositionName & Email
EnglishMs. Janet Aves
EnglishMs. Maham Baig
Social StudiesMs. Janice Bamford
On/Off-Campus Education
Work Experience/RAP/Unique Opportunities
Ms. Cheryl Belliveau
Biology | Chemistry | Physics | IBMr. Fraser Blackwell
ACCESSMs. Kathy Breau
Social Studies
Mr. Phil Bruno
English | IB Mr. Ryan Cancilla
Physical Education | Athletic Director
Ms. Karen Cheney
Physical Education | CALMMs. Holly Clarke
CTS - FoodsMs. Kim Corrigan
Physical Education Learning LeaderMr. Cody Ehrmann 
History | Social | Philosophy | IB
High School Success Learning Leader
Mr. Matt Foisy 
Social Studies | FrenchMr. Francois Fortin
Physical Education | Sports PerformanceMr. Casey Fraser
English | Crime and Space | Astronomy | hw-IBMr. Jeff Fuerstenberg
Spanish | French | IB
IB Coordinator | Learning Leader International Languages
Mr. Scott Garen
CTS - ConstructionMr. Russell Girling
Art | IBMr. Brent Gough
CTS - Leadership | Computing Science | Architecture    
Technology Lead
Ms. Jackie Groat
Physical Education | FIT Mr. Matthew Hanna
EnglishMs. Lindsey Hogan
Chemistry | Science Learning LeaderMs. Jennifer Jones
Biology | IBMr. Phil Kaindl
Social StudiesMs. Sara Kohandel
IB | Social Studies Learning LeaderMs. Stacey Korsbrek
LEADMs. Julie Kranjcec
Student Support Learning LeaderMs. Darragh Lannigan
CTS - FoodsMs. Laura Larsen
Math | IBMs. Stephanie Loubardeas
Chemistry | Science | IBMr. Kevin Manias
Sports MedicineMs. Mary Marcinew
English Language Learners Learning LeaderMs. Katherine Martin
English | IBMs. Rhonda Mawer
CTS - Computing Science | FA - DramaMr. Matthew McDonald
Math Learning Leader | IBMs. Barb McKay
Chemistry | Biology | IBMr. Stuart McKenzie
ChemistryMr. Chris McMechan
FA - MusicMs. Natasha Mellish
Science | Spanish | IBMs. Eulalia Molina Garcia
Physics | Crime and Space | AstronomyMs. Emily Neuheimer
The ClassMs. Meghan O'Malley
MathMs. Brandi Omelchuk
Math | Physical EducationMr. Ben Pilley
English Learning Leader | French | IBMs. Allison Pinnow
MathMr. Shahal Rajan
CTS - Graphic Design | CTS Learning Leader | Film IBMs. Jane Renyk
Math | IBMr. Mike Retallack
ELL | LEADMs. Kimberley Rezazadeh
Science | CTS - FashionMrs. Nikki Rocas
Social Studies | GATEMs. Pamela Santos
PLPMs. Marie Smith
Math | IBMs. Rye- Anne Steeves
ScienceMs. Lesley Stonebridge
Biology | ScienceMr. Kevin Talbot
ELL | Social Studies
International Student Coordinator
Ms. Reka Teleky
Science | Biology | GATEMs. Ainslie Thompson
Art | Creative Arts Learning Leader | IBMs. Jill Tuttle
Science | Physics | IBMr. Alex Watt
Physical Education | CALMMs. Zilla Wilmot
MathMr. Richard Wilson
EnglishMs. Michelle Woeckener
MathMr. Stephen Yanover
CTS - Yoga | Film | ArchitectureMs. Samantha Squires
IndigenousMs. Kathleen Wells

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Thank you to all of the CBE students involved in the safety patrol program. We must all work together to ensure student and pedestrian/wheeler safety on the roads and pathways near our schools. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/QDjFocgZaj

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