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June 15, 2022

Principal's Message

Important Dates:

NEW_June 27 – academic awards – (award winners will be notified by e-mail)

Exam Schedule – please check the website

Return textbooks

School Updates


All textbooks or library books should be returned if you are not using them or you have taken your exam at this point. If you are still using the books to study with, please return your textbooks the morning of the exam. 


Just a reminder all lockers should have been cleaned out by now.  If a student has not finished cleaning out the locker, please do so by June 16, 2022 and check in with your homeroom teacher.

School Council

Are you looking for a new opportunity to be involved in the community?  The School Council and Parent & Alumni Association for Henry Wise Wood are looking for parents/guardians who want to serve for the 2022-23 school year.  Several present members have children who are graduating this June, so there will be an even greater need for new volunteers to bring their enthusiasm and ideas to the school community next fall.

School Council and the Parent & Alumni Association meet on the fourth Monday evening of most months of the school year at 6:30 p.m.  The School Council and HWPAA is headed by the Principal, Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Key Communicator, and Representatives of the Teaching Staff and Students.  We are looking for the following positions:

School Council Chair – The school council chair needs to be a parent of a student in the school. The chair actively encourages others to become involved in meaningful ways and organizes both programs and people.

School Council Vice-Chair – This role may be shared with the chair through the creation of co-chairing positions. The vice-chair assists the chair and prepares to become the school council chair in the future.

Casino Chair – Alberta Gaming Forms, coordinate with Casino advisor, Inform families of Casino coming up, Coordinate Volunteers, etc.

Serving on School Council is a great way to meet the members of our school community, and to encourage and advocate for the important work that they are undertaking.  Contact us at to get started!

Educational Field Trip to Spain 2023

We had a parent meeting the evening of Monday June 13, 2022. For those unable to attend a video of the meeting is available on YouTube at\HWWSpain.

If you are interested, forms are available for students to pick up in the Math Office (Room 301). These include the parent letter, the Acknowledgement of Financial Commitment and the insurance document, all of which are talked about in the video. There was the odd time the projector cut out and so the video may have some awkward moments while we waited for the projector to project again. Also around the 43:00 minute mark the computer screen went to sleep (imitating many a student around the 43:00 minute mark in class). The recording picked up the audio and we woke up the computer screen after a minute and a half.

If you are interested in signing up for the trip return the completed Parent Letter to Acknowledge Financial Commitment initialed and signed in the appropriate places as well as filling in the back of the form with student information and including a copy of their passport if they have one. We’d like the forms back before Friday June 24, if possible, as we will then pass on the information to EF so they can start their processes. You’ll be able to pay the $200 deposit when school fees open up in mid-August. After that we’ll let you know the payment schedule. You may withdraw from the trip prior to October 24, 2022 and will receive a full refund of any fees paid to that point, including, what is mistakenly referred to as, the non-refundable deposit.

If you have any questions feel free to email me



The final HWWMPS Bingo is June 19, 10:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Please email if you are available.

  • There are no more rehearsals this year.
  • End of year “to do” list
    • All students must complete a concert evaluation.
    • J Block and jazz band students must upload a playing test into D2L or complete the playing test in person.  Instructions are in the assignments folder of your Instrumental Music class D2L shell.
    • All music must be brought to the band room and sorted.
    • All rental instruments must be thoroughly cleaned and scanned into the system.
    • If you have not completed the self-evaluation for Band then please come to the band room and fill it in.
    • If you would like to rent an instrument for the summer please come and get the correct forms and fill them out.


Course Selection Update:

Course selection for 2022-2023 has been completed.  Students are urged to review course requests in PowerSchool.  If any changes, additions or deletions are necessary at this time, students must get in touch with their guidance counsellor as soon as possible to ensure their program is complete for the 2022-2023 school year.

Summer School Update

Summer school requests for online courses with CBeLearn as well as in person offerings with Chinook Learning have been submitted and students should be notified starting Wednesday, June 8th of their registration confirmation with CBeLearn or Chinook Learning

At this time, students who are still wishing to enroll in an online summer course should pursue programming through an external educational organization such as Vista Virtual or Golden Hills Academy who are also offering online summer school in July.

Many students indicated plans to undertake a summer course on their course request forms this year.  If a student indicated a plan to take a summer course, they were not registered in the course at Henry Wise Wood and therefore, a space was not allocated for them in the indicated course.  If a student's plans for summer programming has changed, they should get in touch with their guidance counsellor as soon as possible to ensure they put the summer course into their requests for next year.

Returning Grade Options:

Henry Wise Wood: Applications for students to return to Henry Wise Wood for additional time to complete their high school requirements are now available.  Students can pick up an application from our main office or access here online.  Once the application is complete, students must make an appointment to review with their guidance counsellor.  Students will be notified of acceptance in June.  

Chinook Learning Services: As Grade 12 students aim to wrap up their graduation and post-secondary requirements this June, we would like to pass along information about Chinook Learning Services in case students may need to continue with additional high school courses in the fall. 

 Chinook Learning Services is available as a bridge to post-secondary for students that would like to: 

  • Upgrade their mark in a few courses to meet post-secondary entrance requirements 
  • Finish a few more courses for high school graduation 
  • Move to a higher academic stream such as from -2 to -1 or from -3 to -2 

Chinook helps students upgrade in a supportive, adult-learning environment with flexible timetabling. To learn more, see the attached information sheet, watch our Chinook Learning Services video and/or sign up for our Virtual Open House on June 15.

Student Wellness (Ms. Lefebvre)


Build Community, Practice Leadership and Activism, Make Change 

The Women’s Center is offering FREE summer leadership program for ALL high school girls in grades 10-12. Supplies, meals, and bus tickets provided. Takes place in person every Wednesday from 5-7 PM between July 6 to August 17. Located at 39 4 St NE Calgary, AB 

To register, contact Era Rana via email ( or phone (403-264-1155) 

Community Connect YYC 

We are connecting Calgary’s communities with affordable and barrier-free access to phone or video counselling sessions, such as rapid access counselling, grief supports, counselling for children and families, and much more. You can access more information here:

Community Education Sessions through AHS 

There are upcoming virtual sessions on Healthy Brains = Healthy Children. You can register at 


There is a general scholarship tutorial titled Scholarship Video 2021 posted on our HWW YouTube Channel which may be accessed via our school website: Scholarships

Please continually check the HWW website! Go to Teaching and Learning/Exams and Graduation/Scholarships. Go to ‘Links’ on the right side of the page to check monthly Scholarship Listings (JUNE/JUL/AUG 2022 posted), or ‘Resources’ such as the Handbook or Video. *Students can also access this information in the Student Services D2L shell/Content/Scholarships.

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Just posted a photo @ Henry Wise Wood Senior High School

Just posted a photo @ Henry Wise Wood Senior High School

Just posted a photo @ Treaty 7 Territory

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