Apr 19

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

Hoping everything is well in your world.

We continue to follow provincial direction regarding Covid. At this time, schools remain open. We appreciate the amazing support our staff and families are providing to ensure learning continues. We understand the stress that Covid cases in schools can have on everyone. Having said that, it is important to know that in-person learning and online learning are different. Students who choose to stay home and are not mandated to by AHS, may not have the exact same level of supports as student who have been mandated by AHS to isolate. They are required to come into the building to complete in-person assessments. These are scheduled with their teachers. We want to ensure that teachers are able to manage instructional expectations during this difficult time.

Below is a statement the Superintendents Team:

Instructional Expectations and Attendance

Families may be expressing concerns with sending their child back to in-person learning at this time. Because schools have provided excellent online learning and supports via paper packages during cancellation of in-person learning, or during quarantine periods, some families may assume that staff will continue to provide access to online learning while also teaching in person. Please note that the expectations regarding maintaining an online presence are different than the work teachers have done to transition to full-time online instruction. Additionally, parents who choose to keep their child at home for reasons other than illness or mandated quarantine periods due to concerns with in-person learning will have their child marked with an unexcused absence.

School Council –Henry Wise Wood School Council and Parent Association Meeting Apr 19, 2021 School Council Meeting

Stay safe and stay healthy.

​Tony Barile

Acting Principal

Apr 09
Thank You!
​Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

Glad to have everyone back and see the smiling faces (masks) of students in our building.

We continue to ask for your support in these tough pandemic times. Please continue to ask your child
to social distance themselves from large gathering s to help keep everyone save. We understand the
new variants can be very contagious and spread easily. We continue to take our direction from CBE,
AHS and Alberta Education. Thank you again for all your support.
We are reaching the midpoint of the semester and marks will be open for viewing between, April 19th –
23. Please let us know if you cannot view your child’s progress.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Tony Barile
Acting Principal

Mar 24
Spring Break is here.

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

We made it to Spring Break. Thank you in advance for all the support. You are an amazing community. Take the time to enjoy the weather, time with friends (socially distanced, of course), and time with family. We hope students are re-energized when they return to classes.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

​​Tony Barile

Acting Principal

Mar 10
​Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

Thank you to parents for working with us regarding our Parking Lot. It is for Staff and students only, and we have seen an improvement over the last week. Also a big thank you to students/parents who came forward to support or Admin (specifically Mr. Stabler) for being vigilant about Covid protocols in the school. We are doing well and do not want to be shut-down or go online. Those who react with vandalism and graffiti should be ashamed of themselves and decide if they are truly Warriors. No sympathy here.

Stay strong Warriors and “Do the right thing!!"

​Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences are on March 11, 2021 from 12:00-7:00pm.

By now hopefully most of our families have signed up for Parent Teacher Interviews as the booking site will close at 9:00am March 11, 2021.

Please click the interview link to access all information for Parent Teacher interview and the specific link to your students teacher.

Should you have any technology issues, teachers will contact you by phone as soon as possible. If you were unable to reserve an interview, please contact the teacher and he/she will schedule a time to speak with you.

​Tony Barile

Acting Principal


Mar 04
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

​Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

A big virtual hug for being a great community. The weather is cooperating, and students are able to get some fresh air and be with friends. Please see below for important Parent Teacher info. We all play a part in educating students.

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences are on March 11, 2021 from 12:00-7:00pm.

Please note to book an appointment on the MySchool Conference link. The booking will open March 5 @ 6:00am and will close on March 11 @ 9am. As an additional step in our virtual world, we will be holding interviews using Microsoft Teams. We will send a separate email following the WW with the instructions to download the Microsoft Teams App. MyCBE/Powerschool

Parent Teacher Interviews

​Tony Barile

Acting Principal

Feb 17
Warriors Wear Pink

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. The weather is starting to cooperate, and we hope for an early spring. It is also early in the semester however, please ask your child how their semester has started and connect with teachers early to address any concerns you may have. Thank you to students again for complying with all the Covid and Lunch rules. We really appreciate it and we love you for it!

School council Meeting - "All parents and guardians are welcome to join our Council Meeting Feb 22 @ 6:30pm on the Microsoft Teams online platform. Ms. Belliveau will be sharing a presentation about Work Experience/TA/Apprenticeship programming possibilities for students. Should you wish to reach out to your School Council email a message to schoolcouncilhww@gmail.com."

Click here to join the meeting School Council Meeting Link  The agendas will be sent by SchoolMessenger.

Pink Shirt Day - In support of PINK Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 24 Leadership is selling Warriors Wear Pink T-shirts at the Warrior Shop for $5. T-shirts will be sold beginning Tuesday, February 16 through 24 at lunch. $2 from every shirt sold will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region.

Please help us support Bullying Awareness and Mental Health!

Again, thank you for your continued support and stay safe and healthy.​

Tony Barile

Acting Principal

Feb 10
Thank YOU!

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

The second semester is well under way with almost two weeks completed. We hope everyone is able to relax for a few days and enjoy some family time while Teachers Convention is in session for teachers virtually this year. School resumes on Tuesday the 16, after the Family Day holiday. We continue to follow strict AHS protocols in school and emphasize the importance of social distancing and mask wearing.

I also want to thank students for doing their best at lunch and staying in classrooms to eat for the first 20 minutes and then moving on to designated areas. We know it's tough when the weather is colder. I feel we have made through the toughest part of winter and it will only get better form here.

Text book returns are critical for second semester students, please return them as quickly as possible, it is much appreciated.

Again, thank you for your continued support and stay safe and healthy.

​Tony Barile

Acting Principal

Feb 03
Happy February!

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to Semester 2 at Henry Wise Wood!!!  We are so glad students are in the building to begin their classes. Make sure your PowerSchool is up and running and you can track your child's progress as assignments will begin very soon. Please continue to follow all AHS protocols and stay safe and healthy. Be sure to do a pre-check every morning prior to sending your student to school.  If your student is not feeling well, please be cautious and stay home.

Students are doing their best to be in the right place at lunch and hopefully this winter will end soon so we can be outside for longer periods of time.

One more item, please do not enter the parking as it is for staff and students only. This has become a safety issue. The designated signs are only for those with a permit. Thank you for your understanding.

Report Cards

Student will need to refer to PowerSchool on-line for their 1st semester report cards as February 5, 2021.

Grad 2021-Valedictorian

In the month of February we will be selecting our Valedictorian.  Given the pandemic, it will look a little different this year.  Application forms are available on the website.

Important dates include:

  • February 9 at 4:15pm interested students will attend Google Meet (HWWVALEDICTORIAN)
    • information/question session for potential valedictorian applicants.
  • February 16 submit the following
    • Transcript verifying the 80% average
    • Introduction question responses
    • Valedictorian speech in written format.
  • February 23 the finalists will be informed of the next step to create a video of their speech.
  • March 2 the finalists submit a video recorded speech
  • March 5 the valedictorian will be “announced"

​Again, thank you for your continued support and stay safe and healthy.


Tony Barile

Acting Principal

Jan 27
Moving into Semester 2

Once again, a big thank you to parents, students and staff for all the support and cooperation during the month of January. We are excited to move into Semester 2 on Monday, February 1. I know that staff are eager to meet their new classes and we hope the semester runs as smoothly as possible given the pandemic we are living through. Although diploma exams were optional, it was nice to see some students in the building writing. Non-diplomas for many students continue to be a great exercise in experiencing final exams, and improving grades, regardless of the exams being “no jeopardy". Thank you again for your support here.

We require all textbooks and Chromebooks returned to the office no later than February 1. Textbook sign out starts Tuesday and we wish all students to be accommodated.

A reminder that Friday January 29, 2021 is a non- instructional day as teachers prepare for second semester.

Sad news for previous Louis Riel students:

I need to share some sad news with former Louis Riel students and their families.  As some of you are aware, Ms. Wright was away from school for a while battling cancer.  I am sorry to let you know that she passed away over the holidays.  Ms. Wright was an amazing teacher and colleague, who has touched the hearts of all of us at Louis, past and present.  Below is the link to her obituary. 


If you wish to send a message of condolence or if you would like to share a story with her family, you may send these to Karen Davis, a teacher at Louis Riel, at kldavis@cbe.ab.ca and they will be added to a special book for her family. Ms. Wright will definitely be missed by our Louis community. I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wright for 3 years at John Ware.

Again, thank you for your continued support and stay safe and healthy.

Tony Barile

Acting Principal​

Jan 21
Limiting Students in The Building

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

Semester One is almost over and we wish to thank everyone for their understanding, patience, and cooperation during this busy time. We look forward, (hopefully) to a smooth start to Semester Two.

In the building…Henry Wise Wood High School has been directed to limit the number of students in High School. How does this impact learning and assessment for the rest of January?

  • Our current January schedule remains in effect.  Scheduled final exams between January 19-22 will still be held, but are no jeopardy.  The experience of preparing for and writing final exams are critical to the student's learning experience and honours the work completed.
  • Students are only required to be in the building to finish essential learning tasks in both AM and PM classes. (Exams are part of the essential learning)
  • Only students who are required to finish and submit essential learning tasks to ensure successful course completion, need to attend scheduled classes in-person under teacher supervision.  Teachers will be inviting these students to their classes for face-to-face instruction. 
  • Students are required to leave the building when their task is completed.  To support this directive we are asking students not to wander the halls and/or loiter.
  • Teachers may ask some of their students to complete tasks from home using D2L or alternative means to submit their work.

Parent/ Guardians, please do not drop your student(s) off in the parking lot before school or after school. Our Special Needs buses use this area for dropping or picking up students. This is becoming a safety issue for the school.

We have 40 Chromebooks that were loaned out to students for online learning that still need to be returned to the main office this week. Please ensure we have Chromebooks back by Friday.

Again, thank you for your continued support and stay safe and healthy.

Thank you​,

Tony Barile

Acting Principal

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