Athletics Conduct


The fundamental quality of being a Warrior is competing hard within a team concept.

Education is not limited to classrooms.

Extra-curricular activities provide many valuable ‘tools’ and ‘lessons’ for student-athletes, including discipline, team cohesion, perseverance, goal-setting, time management, and work-ethic.

Philosophical Pillars of Warriors

  1. Academics are the most important aspect of high school athletics.  Players will work hard in their studies to garner respectable marks so they earn the privilege to represent Henry Wise Wood High School.
  2. The greater good of the team comes before the individual. All decisions and actions will be made with the team's best interests in mind.

  3. Work Harder…Play Smarter…Be Tougher…Together.  All student-athletes will live by the Warrior Code that define a Warrior with pride, respect and excellence.

It’s about Family, and being a Warrior for Life! 

As a member of a school athletic program, with high expectations, immense time and energy commitments and a rich tradition of success, both in the classroom and on the court/field. Take Pride in your conduct; Respect yourself and others; and seek Excellence in everything you do.  Welcome to Warriors Athletics.


Students will attend class on time, participate fully, and be mindful of their academic responsibilities.  Failing grades, school suspensions, skipped classes or inappropriate behaviour in class may result in a suspension or removal from the team. Students are expected to follow expectations outlined in the school handbook.

Practices/ Games/ Road Trips

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These are game specific; however, always remember you are always representing your school.

Drinking, Smoking/ Vaping, Drugs & Misuse of Social Media

Students participating in any of these activities will be removed from the team until coaches and administration meet.

Team Conduct

  • Be generous when you win; be gracious when you lose.
  • Be fair always, no matter what the cost.
  • Obey the rules of the game.
  • Work for the good of your team.
  • Accept the decisions of the officials with grace.
  • Believe in the integrity of your opponents.
  • Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.
  • Honestly and wholeheartedly applaud the efforts of your teammates and other Warrior teams at Henry Wise Wood High School.

Student-Athlete Expectations

  • You are expected to perform at the highest level you are capable of academically.  Failing grades is a concern, and a meeting with the student, coach and teacher(s) to discuss strategies is important to maintaining a good standing on the team. Athletes are expected to complete Academic Tracker weekly.
  • As an athlete, you are representing yourself and Henry Wise Wood at all times with tremendous sportsmanship. Our expectation is that you will never speak to an official unless your coach has asked you to respectfully address a specific issue.  Your conduct on the floor/field will be exemplary; this means you do not draw attention to yourself or embarrass your team, coach or school. Poor behaviour is unacceptable at all times and in every circumstance.  Coaches are expected to remove players who cannot demonstrate excellence in this very important area. Removal from a team occurs with consultation between a player, parent, coach and admin. 
  • You are expected to demonstrate excellent attendance and be on time for all of your classes.  Missing classes without an appropriate reason during the day means no games or practices that day unless an arrangement has been made with the coach.
  • You are expected to demonstrate leadership and cooperation in your classes.  Your teachers should know that they can count on you to demonstrate a high level of citizenship and to do your best at all times.

Coaches Expectations

  • Coaches place the athlete’s needs and interests before their own.
  • Coaches are committed to the education of their athletes and encourage academic achievement.
  • Coaches support athletes to participate in multiple activities during the school year to support the whole school program.
  • Coaches are responsible to ensure that the health, the well-being and the development of athletes take precedence over the win/loss record.
  • Coaches provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for practices and competition.
  • Coaches exemplify honesty, integrity, fair play, and sportsmanship at all times.
  • Coaches maintain a professional demeanor in their relationships with athletes, officials, colleagues, administrators and the public and treat them with respect and dignity.
  • Coaches follow current safe training and conditioning techniques.
  • Coaches exhibit sound injury and risk management practices.
  • Coaches prohibit the use of performance enhancing substances, non-regulated dietary supplements, or any illegal or recreational drugs.
  • Coaches educate athletes about nutrition, safe and healthy weight loss or gain, and healthy eating behaviors.
  • Coaches remember that competition should be healthy and enjoyable for all.
  • Coaches manage the resources and equipment of the team in accordance to school, CBE, CSHSAA policy.
  • Coaches will include all stakeholders if there are concerns regarding the student athlete or the removal of a player is necessary.
  • Coaches will work collaboratively with the Athletic Director to ensure that student athletes reach their potential.
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