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Healthy Hunger

Healthy Hunger is back for the 2023-2024 school year.  Order online now for our first date (Wed. Oct 4th)

Healthy Hunger Lunches - Remember the good old days of school fun lunches?

No cafeteria provider, no problem! We will be providing special lunches through the help of Healthy Hunger.

Healthy Hunger is a simple to use online ordering system. Accessible for everyone and free to sign up!

Healthy Hunger Lunches - Students can do this on their phone!

1.    Go to 

2.    Click the green Register your student button.

3.    Scroll down and complete the information – our students and staff can set up their account for themselves.

4.    Add a student – so yes that is you again.

The Warrior Shop

The Warrior Shop is a kiosk located in the front foyer that is operated by students from Henry Wise Wood. The school store is open during the lunch hour and students can purchase an array of healthy snacks, beverages and treats. 

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