​​Every student who is new to the CBE needs to register at their designated school. Everyone has a designated school based on their home address and the program they choose. You can find your designated school by using our Find a School tool.

To register during a health emergency:

  1. Print and complete the Student Registration Form - Dependent Student including signatures, and scan or photograph a copy of the form and save it as a PDF. This must be done by the parent/legal guardian of the student. Independent students, please use the Student Registration Form - Independent Student.
    If you do not have access to a printer, complete the form (without signatures) and attach it as a PDF to an email with one of these statements:
    • “I declare that I am of the Roman Catholic Faith” or “I declare that I am not of the Roman Catholic Faith”, and
    • “I hereby represent that I have the legal authority to register the person named on the attached registration form. I declare the information that I have provided on this form is complete and accurate. I will immediately notify the school of any changes to the information on this form.”
  2. Scan a copy or take a photo of the student proof of age and legal name document (e.g., birth certificate, passport, court document).
  3. Email the school and attach the registration form and the proof of age and legal name document.
    Use our find a school tool to determine your designated school.
    To find the email address of a school:
    • Find the school in the school directory;
    • Click on the school name; and
    • copy the email address.
  4. The school will conditionally register the student providing the address is within the school’s designated boundaries and the student is age appropriate for the school.
    Once the health emergency is over, the school will email the parent / legal guardian who completed the form and ask that they bring the following documents to the school for verification purposes during the school office hours:
    • proof of address document with the parent’s / legal guardian’s / independent student’s name (e.g., utility bill, bank statement, income tax statement, federal correspondence, property tax assessment)
    • original of proof of age and legal name document which the school will compare to the emailed document
    • photo ID of the person who completed the form to verify their identity.

If you have questions, please contact the school you are registering at directly.

To confirm school attendance areas or program offerings or for more information about registration, please contact us directly.

You can find detailed information about high school planning, courses, completion and more on the CBE High School Success page.

How to Register

Families that have not yet Registered their Student for 2020-2021 

At this time, Henry Wise Wood administration requests that families email their registration to the school: henrywisewood@cbe.ab.ca

Registration Package 2020-2021

Regular Program registration began January 15, 2020 with applications/transfers due March 16, 2020. If we can do anything to support your transition to our school, please contact the main office.

Download the following forms including the Henry Wise Wood Checklist.

During the COVID-19 pandemic families must email their registration to the school: henrywisewood@cbe.ab.ca

Course Selection Forms

To help you select the complimentary and core courses that best suit your interests please download the following course forms.

International Baccalaureate Registration 2021-2022

  • Due to COVID restrictions , registration has been postponed till  January 2021 - stay tuned for updates
  • Deadline is March 15, 2021 - Please submit one registration package to your designated high school offering IB.
  • Students can determine their address IB designated high school with one of the tools under the ‘find a school’ heading on the CBE Schools and Areas website at Find a School

Grade 9 students interested in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, please complete and submit your registration package as per the checklist below to your designated IB school. Do NOT submit duplicate registration packages to other schools offering IB.

  1. 2021-2022 IB Registration Checklist
  2. Calgary Board of Education International Baccalaureate -  Expression of Interest form
  3. Transfer Request: **please complete if you are requesting to come here from another CBE school. FAQs
  4. Student Registration Form  ** please complete if you are not currently attending a CBE school
  • More information and FAQs about IB on the CBE site
  • More information about IB courses and fees is available on this site. 
  • At this time we ask you hold all phone calls. In January 2 IB informational videos will shared.
  • For specific questions please email  Mr. Scott Garen (IB Coordinator) 
  • IB Registration Booklet 2021-2022 (coming soon)

Continuing Grade 12s

Students who are admitted to high school programs of studies are expected, in most cases, to complete their high school education in six semesters over three years. Grade 12 students in 2020-21 who are in need of one or two additional semesters to complete their programs, are encouraged to speak with their Assistant Principal early in the school year. The deadline for students to apply for a fourth year of high school will be Mid-February.

To help you register for courses and apply to return please use the following forms.

  • Continuing Grade 12 Registration Application (coming Spring 2021)
  • Registration  Deadline for students to apply for a fourth year of high school will be end of April 2021
  • Administrative Regulation 6093 | Fourth Year of High School
  • Each registration will be reviewed by our administrative and student services staff. All registration will be contacted by the end of June, therefore students should have a plan B should they not be accepted to return for forth year.

Additional Registration Information

Chinook Learning or CBe-learn

  • Students who fail a core subject may receive a teacher recommendation to move to a lower level course at the next grade level. Retroactive credits will be granted when students pass the next course. 
  • Students at our school are allowed to repeat a failed course. Priority is given to students completing courses for the first time or to students graduating. 
  • Students may register for one summer school course at Chinook Learning or CBe-learn. 
  • Students who wish to upgrade a mark in a passed course will be directed to Chinook Learning or CBe-learn. 
  • Course Challenge: this is a formal process established by Alberta Learning and the Calgary Board of Education (Administrative Regulation 6021 | Course Challenge). Information is available from each course Learning Leader, Assistant Principal and Counsellor. 

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​Out-of-Boundary Students

If you would like to transfer from one CBE school to another, please refer to the instructions in the request to transfer form.

When you are transitioning from middle school to high school, you will be automatically registered at your designated school (according to your home address and program).​​​​

New to the CBE

Registration Process During a Health Emergency

To register new students during the COVID-19 pandemic follow the steps outlined in Registration on the Calgary Board of Education website. Look on the Kindergarten to Grade 9 or High School Registration pages.

General Registration Information

If you have questions for our school, contact us for information.

It is not possible to register at the school on holidays and during the summer. During the summer break you can find more information and dates on our Back to School page.

Non-Canadian students have a different registration process: please see our Non-Canadian Students page for details.​

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