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Report Cards

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Achievement Assessment and Evaluation

The personalization of learning requires knowing each student through the thoughtful gathering and consideration of evidence of student learning. A varied body of assessment evidence provides information about the learner’s strengths and areas for growth against well-understood learning outcomes from Programs of Study and/or Individual Program Plans. A variety of assessment methods are used, as appropriate to specific learning tasks. The ongoing assessment of learning may support teachers, students and families to understand how a student is progressing in learning and consider next steps. Teachers use professional judgment to evaluate a body of assessment evidence.

Course Outlines

During the first week of classes, students will receive a course outline. Course outlines communicate important information about a course; serve as a communication and planning tool between students, teachers, and parents. Elements of the course outline include: teacher contact information, learning outcomes, course content, instructional approach, course materials, achievement, (assessment, evaluation), mark breakdown, feedback and online mark updates, plagiarism and cheating, appeal process and supports.

Honour Roll Criteria

Determination of Honour roll and Honour award students will use the same criteria.

  • Honour roll lists will be published at the end of the semester. 
  • Honour roll lists will be posted in the main foyer. 
  • There will be 2 levels of Honour Rolls and Honour Awards: 
    • Honours with Distinction 90% - 100% 
    • Honours 80% - 89% 
  • To be considered for Honours, Grade 10 students must complete a minimum of 7 courses and 35 credits, Grade 11 students must complete a minimum of 6 courses and 30 credits, and Grade 12 student must complete a minimum of 5 courses and 25 credits. Please note that only courses completed and graded at Henry Wise Wood will qualify for the determination of Honours. 
  • Any failing mark excludes the student from achieving a place on the Honour Roll or receiving an Honours’ Award from the school. 
  • All averages reflect school marks. Diploma Examination marks are not included.
    Averages will be calculated on a credit weight basis
  • Honour Medallion winners in Grade 12 will have achieved Honours or Honours with Distinction for all three years of high school. Honour Medallion winners will have their names printed on an Honour Scroll, which is posted in the main foyer.

Feedback and Online Mark Updates

Students and parents are encouraged to access PowerSchool on a regular basis. Students and parents may contact teachers to discuss achievement.

Mark Appeal Process

According to Calgary Board of Education Administrative Regulation #3018 Section 6 December 2005, “1. A student may appeal a school-based mark by following the school’s school-based marks appeal procedures.
2. The decision of the principal regarding school-based marks is deemed to be the final decision of the Calgary Board of Education.”

Appeal Procedures

Published appeal days are designated at the end of each semester. A student who wishes to question a mark during or at the end of a semester must follow the procedures outlined below.

Students are responsible to:

  • Complete and hand in work on time. 
  • Write tests or examinations at the assigned time. 
  • Communicate with the teacher. 
  • Have a parent communicate/explain any absence with appropriate support such as a doctor’s note for Final Examinations. 
  • Make up any missed work. An explained absence does not excuse the student from work missed. 
  • Check in PowerSchool that class marks and interim reports are accurately recorded. 
  • Check in PowerSchool the posted final marks before the appeal date. 
  • Recognize that any absences will adversely affect achievement.

Teachers are responsible to:

  • Provide each student a course outline. 
  • Communicate with students and parents. 
  • Inform students in advance of marking or grading criteria for assignments. 
  • Be knowledgeable about and follow department, school and CBE guidelines regarding student achievement.

Parents are responsible to:

  • Be informed about the achievement of their student(s). 
  • Attend Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences. 
  • Inform the school in writing of the reasons for a student’s absence and provide appropriate support such as a telephone call for tests or a doctor’s note for Final Examinations. (See exemptions) 
  • Recognize that any absences will adversely affect achievement.

Class Work

Frequent and regular communication regarding student achievement is essential throughout the course of a semester. Students, parents and teachers are asked to follow the steps listed below.

  • A student should speak directly to the teacher as soon as possible after receiving the mark. 
  • If the appeal has not been resolved by conversation between the student and teacher, parents are invited to speak with the teacher.

In the unusual event that a student, parents and teacher cannot agree, any one of the parties may appeal to the Learning Leader who will:

  • Work with the student and teacher to resolve the appeal.

In the extraordinary event that the situation is still unresolved, the Learning Leader will be informed and work with the Assistant Principal to resolve the appeal.

Final course marks

  • A specific appeal time is advertised each semester by teachers and by the school. 
  • For Diploma Examinations, the appeal is of the school mark (worth 70%) and occurs before the end of the classes each semester. 
  • Students must speak with teacher(s) prior to, or during, the advertised time. 
  • If the appeal is unresolved, the student makes an appeal to the Learning Leader during the appeal time. 
  • The Learning Leader informs and, as necessary, works with the Assistant Principal to resolve the appeal. 
  • The Learning Leader may resolve the appeal at that time OR may set up a later meeting to discuss the appeal at a mutually agreed upon time. The student should invite their parents to attend. 
  • If, after following the above steps one through four, an agreement has not been reached, a final mark may be appealed in writing to the Principal. 
  • The Principal will reply in writing and that decision is final. This is Calgary Board of Education policy. Parents and independent students are advised that the decision of the principal may be reviewable by the Minister under section 123 of the School Act.

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​​​Assessment and Reporting at the CBE

We know it is important for parents/guardians to understand how their children are doing in school. Research shows that students are more successful with active parent/guardian involvement.

The report card is one component in communicating student learning. In addition to the report card, schools communicate with parents/guardians about student progress on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways. 

Assessment happens every day, in every classroom, throughout the school year. Assessing a student’s progress is one of the most important ways we support the continued learning of our students.

We have developed some resources related to assessment and report cards, and to help you learn more about your child's learning. As more resources are developed, you will find them here.​

Digital report cards are available through MyCBE​. For help with accessing student assessment and reporting information, please refer to the information in the MyCBE Technical Support for Students & Parents website. ​

Visit the CBE website for more information on Assessment & Reporting at the CBE. ​