Health, Recreation & Human Services

Program Overview

The HRH cluster focuses on a vast array of challenging and rewarding careers in health care, community supports, recreation, cosmetology, food services, tourism, and law.


Fashion 10, 20, 30 (5-7 credits)

Students will design, manufacture, and create other textile and leather products, as well as study the history, sociology and economics of clothing and textile arts. They will create, design, and decorate projects they find meaningful. New approaches allow students to be inquisitive, creative and expressive as they design t-shirts, create wallets, put together cosplay and drama costumes, and develop room décor or any other DIY projects that seem intriguing. Projects can be customized to fit the interests of the student.

Example project areas include:

  • Design/Fashion/Cultural/World Clothing n Cosplay/Drama Creations
  • Leggings, tops, and stretch creations n Leather Art and Accessories
  • Home décor/Lifestyle Creations

Students can fill all 5-7 credits in one area or choose to explore various areas throughout the semester.

Food Studies

5 Credits
Available 10, 20, 30

Welcome to the world of food! In this home-based kitchen program, you will create in the areas of baking, international cuisine, food decorating, and presentation. You'll even participate in cooking challenges along the way! Bring your friend and enjoy your culinary experience in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Will you be the next Master Chef?

Sports Medicine

6 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

This course includes the study in the areas of Basic First Aid, Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and the recognition, prevention, and treatment of student injuries. Students will have opportunities both in and out of the classroom environment to learn what goes in to treating and preventing injury, whether it be in class instruction or on the court/field during practices and matches. 

Sports Performance

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

The purpose of this course is to provide students who are already involved in a competitive sport, or for the student who is looking to get into great physical condition the knowledge and the skills necessary to enhance performance.  Through a combination of theory and practical exposure students are expected to demonstrate varying levels of fitness.  These relate to the current trends in training principles, performance evaluations, sport studies and personal development.  Designed for the serious athlete, students will participate in aerobic training, strength training, agility/explosive power training, and flexibility training strategically designed to enhance their specific sport performance and fitness levels. Please note, there is a fee requirement for this course.

Girls Fitness and Wellness

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Girls will be introduced to psychological concepts related to physical and mental wellness. Topics include: nutrition, body image, strategies for coping with stress. Female fitness trends i.e. hot yoga, spin class, pilates, are sample activities. Course fees apply.


5 Credits
Available in 15, 25, 35

This course is designed to teach leadership skills to students at Henry Wise Wood.  Basic leadership skills will be taught in the classroom and then put into practical use through activities offered at the school and in the community.  In the class, students can expect to be involved in some traditional desk work as well as high energy, interactive activities that teach leadership skills.  The class will be involved in putting on many of the key activities in the school.  These activities include, spirit weeks, pep rallies, staff and student recognition, service projects, Warrior Shop and most anything else that is spirit and climate building at Henry Wise Wood. 

*No pre-requisites for any level. Students are welcome to take Leadership at any grade level.

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Just posted a photo @ Henry Wise Wood Senior High School

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