Media, Design & Communications (MDC)

Program Overview

The MDC cluster is designed to provide students with the flexibility to adapt to various situations relating to design, communication and esthetics. This cluster includes courses relating to art and culture, such as the performing arts, film and video, broadcasting, journalism, writing, creative design and fashion.


Architecture & 3D Modeling

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Create the cities of tomorrow - the houses we live in, the offices we work in, and the objects around us. Invent and innovate! In this course, students will design a home in 3D and take a virtual walk through to see the finished product, create a 3D object on the computer and see it come to life on our 3D printer, and even animate some of their projects. Like professionals worldwide, we will be using Autodesk® software, to explore qualities in designing, visualizing, and animating highly original structures and objects. Students will have the opportunity to download full versions of all Autodesk software for personal use at home. No previous design or computer experience is required.

Graphic Design & Photography

5-6 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Students will be exposed to technical instruction in industry software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom. Projects will take advantage of creative maker spaces and equipment in the program, such as our photo studio with industry studio lighting, green screen, t-shirt press, and dark room, as well as take students out into the area on field trips downtown for our urban photography trip and outdoor photography trip to Grassi Lakes and other outdoor locations. Students are encouraged through a process over the course of three years to find their design style and aesthetic, take creative risks and put it all into practice through their design projects and photography, both for themselves but also client projects used throughout the school.

Film & Animation Studies

5-6 Credits
Available in 15, 25, 35

The film and animation studies program is designed to cater to students who either love making films, watching and discussing films, or both! In addition, we've included the study and instruction of animation as we see animation becoming more and more prominent into the feature film and short film industries. Students will create film, and 2d and 3d animations and through a process of creation and discovery, will eventually focus on one area to focus on as they continue through the program. Film analysis will centre around discussing deeper meanings and decisions made in the making of the film being studied, using popular film, international film and what's currently on TV and Netflix.

Fashion Studies

5 Credits
Available 10, 20, 30

Students will design, manufacture, and market clothing and other textile products, as well as study the history, sociology and economics of clothing and textile arts. Students will  create, design and decorate projects they find meaningful. New approaches allow students to be inquisitive, creative and expressive as  they design t- shirts, create wallets, put together drama costumes, develop room décor or any other DIY projects that seem intriguing.  Units can  include the following with room for personal taste:

  • Fashions Studies: Design/Fashion/Cultural/World Clothing 
  • Cosplay/Costume Creations 
  • DYI Fashion: Leggings, tops, and stretch creations 
  • Maker Class: Leather Art and Accessories  
  • Maker Class: Home décor/Lifestyle Creations
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