Fine Arts

The fine and performing arts are for everyone, whether you choose to explore and develop a new interest or specialize in a current interest. Participation in the arts enhances your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Visual Arts

Visual Art

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Throughout the program, students will extend their knowledge and familiarity with the elements and principles of design through practice in composing two and three-dimensional images. They will develop skills in problem solving, creativity, personal expression and critical thinking. Students will also learn the language of art and how to analyze their own artwork, as well as the works of other artists. As students progress through the levels of the program, drawing skills and styles will be refined as students experiment with exciting non-traditional approaches to create two and three-dimensional artwork. 

Students will learn that images are influenced by the choice of medium, the technique and the culture that produces them. There will be some integration of technology and traditional art making techniques, and students will continue to develop their art vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. At the senior level, they will participate actively in decision-making regarding choice of art problems and media solutions. The portfolio of artwork produced during this term will reflect the students’ personal experiences as well as contemporary art culture. The Art 30 program culminates in a graduating art exhibition to celebrate the achievements of our students and their work.



5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

The goal of the drama program is to provide an introduction to the study of theatre as an art form. The curriculum stresses the development and the integration of specific theatre skills within a co-operative learning environment. Self-expression, flexibility, self-confidence and self-discipline are emphasized. This is an activity-based program which builds to the presentation of a theatrical event by each senior student. Possible units may include Storytelling, Mime, creative movement and Improvisation. Students who participate in this course are invited to attend the Calgary High School Drama Festival.

Advanced Acting

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Advanced Acting offers students the opportunity to study theatre as a production based course. It provides a continuum of theatre experiences that move well beyond the introductory and exploratory foundation skills and activities outlined in Drama 10-20-30. The focus of the class is a full scale production of a scripted play. The class is offered one semester after school. All rehearsals and performances are outside of the regular timetable and students need to be able to commit to all workshops, rehearsals and performances for the duration of the production work. Students can sign up for the technical, design and management side of the course, or audition for a part in the play. Please see drama teacher of details.


Instrumental Music and Band

5 Credits each
Available in 10, 20, 30

Music students at Wise Wood are a part of a vibrant program with an incredible variety of opportunities.   Instrumental ensembles will rehearse once or twice per week outside the regular timetable throughout the year. The Band ensembles (Concert Band or Wind Ensemble) are designed for the entire group of instrumental musicians to practice music together. Students will learn new rehearsal techniques and improve their ensemble playing by focusing on balance, blend, tone, and intonation while performing a wide variety of concert band repertoire. Solo performances, large ensemble participation, higher level theory, history, and musical analysis are components of the program. 

Instrumental Jazz

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Students will learn and perform a wide variety of music from different jazz styles. Students should be able to read music well as they will be working on jazz technique, jazz theory, and exploring new repertoire. Attendance is mandatory at all classes, rehearsals, and performances. Auditions take place early in the year. This course runs outside of the regular timetable twice a week throughout the year.

Travel With the Music Program!

Traveling every year to places like Seattle, Vancouver, California, and Hawaii, students are exposed to different cultures and performance opportunities like no other, like performing right in the heart of Disneyland! Each trip contains performance concerts but also excursions that involve learning about the city and participating in engaging in once in a lifetime activities, like attending a Luau in Hawaii, touring the Experience Music Project and visiting a famous jazz club in Seattle! See details on our Extracurricular Music page.

Choral Music

Choral Music and Choir

5 Credits
Available in 10, 20, 30

Choral Music classes run inside the regular timetable in each Semester and the Choir will rehearse once or twice per week outside the regular timetable throughout the year. Students will continue to develop the skills of a good musician by improving their basic technique. There is also a written component consisting of music theory, history, and ear training on state of the art software. Choral Music 20 and 30 students will see a greater emphasis on developing a higher quality of work and assume a greater responsibility as a musical performer and leader. The Choir ensemble is designed for the entire group of vocal musicians to practice music together and students will learn new rehearsal techniques and improve their ensemble playing by focusing on balance, blend, tone, and intonation while performing a wide variety of repertoire. 

The Team

Jill Tuttle - Visual Art

Miko Nakamura - Drama

Jim Finkbeiner - Music

Matthew MacDonald - Drama

Jane Renyk - Visual Art

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