Social Studies

The Social Studies Department encourages students to understand their world and the significant role they play with regard to responsible citizenship and stewardship. All levels focus on political and economic systems, and the history that has influenced our current events. We are proud of our results on provincial diploma exams and the interest that these courses generate in our students.

We offer -1 and -2 classes in all grades as well as K&E programming. Although these course streams follow the same curriculum, -1 classes require excellent attendance and a self-motivated student to achieve success.  Competent writing skills and critical thinking will be areas of particular focus at all levels that students are well prepared for both the written response and multiple-choice diplomas.     -2 courses are accepted for entrance to most post-secondary institutions.  Written responses at this level focus on identifying essential curriculum and constructing an informed position on issues as well as recognizing viewpoints that differ from one’s own.  This course offers a straightforward academic approach to Social Studies content.   

Interact, Model UN, Debate, and Agents 4 Change are some of the extra-curricular clubs that are offered by our department.  Please look for club information and sign up in September.  All students are invited to participate!   

Course Themes

Grade 10 – Globalization
Grade 11 – Nationalism
Grade 12 – Ideologies

Course Sequence

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