Friday, May 26, 2023

The culmination of twelve years of education is a special time in the life of students, parents and staff. 


GRADUATION CEREMONY – FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2023 – 9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.

  • The ceremony is at the Grey Eagle Event Centre
  • Graduands should arrive by 8:45 a.m., enter through the main entrance, and line up by 9:00 a.m. in alphabetical order in the hallway along the northeast side of the auditorium. Surnames A-Lay will be on the far side of the hallway; Leb-Z will be on the side of the hallway closer to the entrances of the auditorium
  • Graduands will be given a note card with their name when they line up
  • The processional will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.
  • Tickets are required for admission to the Graduation Ceremony – you must bring your ticket to the ceremony. The event is sold out and you will not be permitted to enter without an officially printed ticket
  • Graduands are required to wear their gown, stole and cap, and are not permitted to walk the stage without them. Be sure to bring these with you
  • Live streaming of the Ceremony will take place, link to come
  • Video recording will be provided through the Grade 12 D2L shell

Ceremony Suggested Dress

  • Graduands will be wearing burgundy gowns and white/grey/black stoles, with hats and tassels.
  • This is a formal event; graduands should dress accordingly. Dress pants, dress shoes, shirts, dresses, skirts, and blouses are acceptable attire. Suit jackets are discouraged, as they may be too warm.
  • Wear comfortable shoes with low heels as walking up and down the stairs will be required. Do not bring a purse or other items that require carrying.

Grad Gowns

  • Graduands must pick up their gown, stole, and cap directly after the Grad Rehearsal (Period 4) on Wednesday, May 17, 2023
  • Not in attendance at the rehearsal? Your Grad Gown can be collected in the main office after May 17
  • Graduands are responsible for the care of the gown and stole. The gowns can hold static, please consider using some static guard or pinning a safety pin to the seam on the inside of the gown
  • Graduands can keep their gown package; you may want to print your name on the inside of your cap


  • During the Ceremony, a professional Lifetouch photographer will take a picture of each graduand with Ms. Smyth
  • A second individual picture will also be taken after each graduand exits the stage
  • Guests are not permitted to leave their seats to take pictures


  • Access to the seating areas will begin at 8:30 a.m. Graduands will be seated in the center of the auditorium during the ceremony, while guests will be seated in the bleachers or on the main floor. There is no assigned seating, but ushers will be available to provide support (tickets are required for all guests)
  • Graduands with surnames A-Lay will be sitting on the right side facing the stage; surnames Leb-Z will sit on the left side facing the stage
  • Dedicated seating for guests with limited mobility is at the back of Sections 2 and 5
  • Silence all cell phones and electronic devices during the ceremony
  • All graduands and guests are expected to stay for the duration of the ceremony. The ceremony will end at approximately 12:30 p.m.


  • Free parking is provided at the Grey Eagle Event Centre
  • See map below

GRADUATION BANQUET – FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2023 – 6:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

  • The banquet will be held at the same location – Grey Eagle Event Centre
  • Pre-purchased banquet tickets are required for admittance to the event
  • Seating is assigned, please refer to your ticket for details
  • Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with the program commencing at 6:30 p.m. Please be in your seats by 6:30 p.m.
  • Once the pre-dinner speeches begin, entrance will not be permitted until these are completed so as not to interrupt or distract the guests
  • All tables are reserved; absolutely no seating changes will be made
  • The dress code is formal/semi-formal
  • The Grey Eagle Event Centre is a smoke-free environment
  • There are no in and out privileges for the banquet. Once you enter the Event Centre, you and your guests are not permitted to exit and re-enter
  • This is a school-sponsored event. No alcohol, vaping, drugs, smoking, etc. are permitted. Security will be checking bags upon entrance to the Event Centre

May 2 Update:

Grad Banquet Tickets Sales are now over! It looks like a great night of celebration is ahead of us!!

Table arrangements are being made, and the physical tickets will be distributed to Grads during the week of May 15th.

Please note that if you haven’t paid for all of your tickets yet and/or have other school fees owing, please make payments as soon as possible or set up a payment plan in the business office. This needs to be taken care of before the physical tickets can be picked up/distributed to you.

Any questions, please email  

GRAD REHEARSAL WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2023 - PERIOD 4 - 2:15 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.

Rehearsal will be held in the King Gym to review procedures and rehearse the entrance and exit process at Grey Eagle Event Centre

  • All Grade 12 students must attend the rehearsal
  • Grad gowns, stoles and caps will be distributed at the end of the rehearsal



Pay graduation ceremony fees online through PowerSchool or in person at the Business Office - $63

This fee includes:

  • Keepsake grad gown/stole/cap/tassel
  • Program, certificate, room rental
  • Attendance for graduand and family (no tickets required)

Please pay all school fees and return any outstanding textbooks and library books

Graduation Committee Application


DUE to Ms. Jones (room 206) by Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022 at 3:30pm

Program Cover Contest

Congratulations to this year's winner - Madeleine P.

The Grad 2023 Committee is looking for a Grade 12 Henry Wise Wood student to design the artwork for this year’s Graduation.  The successful submission will be awarded $100.00 and the designer’s name will be printed on the display. The submission must reflect the graduation theme.

Please see this link for more information - Artwork Contest 2023


Congratulations to this year's Valedictorian - Joshua B.

The Graduating Class Valedictorian(s) are selected by a panel of judges (teachers, students and Administration) that are reflective of the audience at the Graduation Ceremony. 

  • Forms available in the main office or here on the website.
  • There is a meeting for all interested applicants on February 22, 2023 at lunch in room 102.
  • Applications are due on March 1, 2023.  Submit the completed applications to Mr. Cancilla by email (  Please see application form for instructions.  *Late entries will not be considered.
  • Auditions will occur after school on March 8, 2023 in room 102.

Banquet Speakers

Applications for banquet speakers are available online below.  The following positions will be available for audition

  • Masters of Ceremonies
  • Class Historian
  • Toast to the Teachers
  • Giving Thanks

You can get a copy of the application here

Applications must be returned by Wednesday, March 22, 2023 to Ms. Jones via email to 

Auditions will occur the week of April 3-5, 2023  at lunch in Room 206.

The Graduation List

A graduation list will be posted outside the main office on approximately April 17.  Students are asked to check for errors or omissions and report them to their Guidance Counsellor. Students should not assume they meet the requirements to participate in the graduation activities simply because they are registered in grade 12. The completed list will be the basis for the ticket distribution, program information and the grad composite. 



To be eligible for participation in the Graduation Ceremonies, Grade 12 students must:

  • Confirm student name is on the initial graduation list posted outside the main office on approximately April 17. A finalized graduation list will be posted early May
  • Be registered in courses that enable them to complete their specific program by June. Program completion may include:
    • A High School Diploma – 100 credits
    • A Certificate of High School Completion – 80 credits
    • An ELL, ACCESS or PLP program OR
    • Demonstrate they have created a plan with their Guidance Counsellor/ Assistant Principal for completion of their program by the end of August (95 credits completed by end of June, with enrollment in a 5 credit Summer School Course/online course)
  • Be a positive, contributing member of the Henry Wise Wood student body.  Disciplinary issues or negative conduct may disqualify students from participating in the Ceremony and/or Graduation Banquet.
  • Have paid all school fees and returned all outstanding textbooks and library books.
  • Students whose names are not on the list must see Mr. Barile in the main office.

Grade 12 students, who are not enrolled in classes second semester due to early completion, personal issues or extenuating circumstances, must:

  • Get special permission from the principal to attend the ceremony.  These students must also attend the rehearsal.
  • Keep in contact with the Main Office or their Guidance Counsellor to stay informed. Grad information will be available online at

Please note:

  • Participation in the ceremonies is not an indication that the student will actually receive the Alberta Diploma.  Official Diplomas are issued by Alberta Education upon completion of the Alberta requirements for a High School Diploma.


School Sponsored Graduation Events

Just a reminder that there are only 2 school-sponsored events- the May 26, 2023 Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Banquet. There are NO aftergrad activities or graduating class trips sponsored or promoted by the school.

Organizer Contact Information:

Please be advised details about the Graduation Ceremony and Banquet will be released as they become available.  

Please direct preliminary questions to Mr. Barile (  

Should the traditional elements of graduation proceed feel free to contact:

Jennifer Jones ( or 

Cheryl Belliveau (

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