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Momentum Matched Savings for Youth


Program start-up is Sept/Jan. Fill out the youth gains info form online to see if you qualify.


A free program to help low income youth save money for the future.  Money is saved in student’s own account and this organization matches it 4:1! Sponsored by Alberta Government and United Way. Ages 16-24. See online chart to see if your family income will qualify you!

Must attend a 2 hour $ management seminar 2 evenings per month for 9 months.

Servus Credit Union Scholarship Endowments


Various dates starting in Sept

Awarded to students planning to attend post-secondary in Alberta: Lakeland/Lethbridge/Medicine Hat/Red Deer/ Grand Prairie/MRU or U of A! Deadlines will be posted on the post secondary school's website or click on the post secondary school name once you go to the link.

Calgary Calabrian Cultural and Heritage Society Scholarship


Email application to: or submit by mail

Check for application online

September 30, 2020 * no date posted for 2021 at time of posting Sept updates

For students who graduated in June. Applicants must be of Calabrian decent, be in good academic standing, and show exemplary citizenship.2 Scholarships; minimum of $2000.

Must submit an official transcript. Essay required.

Must attend a banquet typically in January.

AB Blue Cross Scholarship


Deadlines vary, see post secondary institution websites. There are links to them on the website link above.

$750- $1500 (65 Awards) Canadian citizen

Academic achievement, financial need, full-time student.

See the list of eligible AB post-secondary institutions. Post-secondary institutions will administer the award so check their websites for deadlines and process.

AB Blue Cross Scholarship for Aboriginal Students


Applications open Sept 1, 2021, close Jan 15, 2022

$1500 (3 Awards) for aboriginal students enrolling in their first year of post- secondary studies at an accredited AB institution. Candidates chosen based on academics, financial need and community involvement.

Calgary Stampede Poster Competition


There are no application dates posted as of time of publication. Stay tuned to the Stampede website!

Largest Art awards in Canada. Up to $20,000 in Scholarships to be shared among top 8. Age 15-24. AB resident. Submit 2 pieces of 2D Art (painting, photography, drawing, graphic design); 1 must be ‘Western art’.

Digital submissions are accepted first online and a hard copy may be requested to be mailed if the art is accepted.

Scholarship can be used for any education- not art specific.

2 reference letters; written statement of impact & possible education program.

1st place = $10,000

Morehead-Cain Merit Scholarship


Aug 15 - October 29, 2021

Students can apply directly online or seek nomination (3 at HWW).

If seeking nomination:

  • start application and notify counsellor and recommender (teacher) by Oct 6. Complete ‘School Info’ and ‘Recommendation’ sections first in application
  • email will be sent by M-Cain to your counsellor and teacher recommender so they submit a school report/ transcript/ reference letter by Oct 29
  • you must complete application by Oct 29

Fully funded 4 year merit scholarship valued at $115,000.

60 are given out to students attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Canadians: 15- 20 semi-finalists; interview; 4-6 finalists flown to Chapel Hill for a weekend of fellowship & interviews.

Strength of character, appetite for learning, physical vigour, and leadership are essential.

*Admission to University is a separate process. Deadline for UNC is Jan 15, 2022.

Possibly going to USA? 

Write PSAT in FALL grade 11 

Oct 13/16/26, 2021


Speak to your counsellor re: possible sites in Calgary that administer the PSAT. Register and pay fee ($17) with that school & ask them for a copy of the student study guide.

Some Calgary schools to check with include: Bishop Carroll, National Sports School, Edge School for Athletes. These schools will occasionally have room to offer you a seat/test!

Loran Award


Start late Sept notifying your reference. 

All eligible students can apply. There is no longer school sponsorship.

Apply online prior to October 13, 2021.

Applications will open early September.

Loran Award

National program, based on character, service, and leadership.  Selection criteria include academic excellence, community and extracurricular involvement.There are 36 major financial awards, valued at up to $100,000 and tenable at 25 universities. There are also over 100 finalist and provincial awards up to $5000.

Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Minimum average 85%.

Submit online application directly to Loran committee. There is no longer school sponsorship!

Transcripts and endorsements must be submitted online. Give references at least 2 weeks notice!

University of Toronto National Book Award


School Nomination required for Book Award – if interested contact your guidance counsellor by Oct 6.

You will be required to submit a short application to the guidance office by Oct 13. You will be notified if you are the selected nominee chosen by the HWW scholarship committee. Our school nomination will then be completed by a guidance counsellor by the deadline:  October 21, 2021 (11:59pm EDT)


Superior academic performance, original & creative thought and exceptional achievement in a broad context.  Enthusiasm for intellectual exploration and involvement in the life of their school and community.

For the National Book Award, each school may choose one outstanding student on the basis of the above criteria.  The national book award will be presented to the student and they may subsequently apply for the National Scholarship Competition.

Student is not required to attend U of T for the Book Award.

Students can still apply as direct applicants for the National Scholarship if they are not nominated for the Book Award.

( the award is actually prestige and a book, as well as your name on a plaque kept at HWW - no monetary value)

University of Toronto National Scholarship Program


Online application available in mid September. A reference letter and transcript must accompany your application. Give at least 2 weeks notice to references!

Deadline: October 21, 2021 (11:59pm EDT)

Approx 10 National Scholarship winners receive full tuition and fees for four years of undergraduate study at the U of T, residence support for 1 year, renewable monetary award based on individual financial circumstances.

Finalists (approx. 20) who are not National Scholar winners will receive Arbor scholarships valued at $7500 for the first year, renewable at $1500 for subsequent years. If you were not nominated for the Book Award you can still apply!

Online application; upload transcript.

Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship Program & Entrepreneurial Scholarship


Applications due October 25 

*waiting on details re: discrepancy on website stating application opens in December!

*Notify guidance counsellor and reference 2 weeks prior to deadline

$5000 (160 awards), Integrity and perseverance overcoming adversity; financial need ($65,000 or less net income per family); involvement in co-curricular and community activities; a minimum grade percentage of 65; Citizenship.

Apply online. Support form completed by adult online only after you fill out/lock in adversity section; Counsellor certification form completed online after you complete academic section.

New: Entrepreneurial Scholarships $10,000 (10 awards) – same criteria as above plus desire and ability to be entrepreneurial in a chosen field *Same application form as above.

*Vocational and Tech TBD Spring 2022

*Indigenous Achievement TBD

Korean Veterans Association of Canada


Wall of Remembrance Bursary

October 22 each year– Application online, mail in to address provided by deadline.

Grads of 2021 enrolled in post sec; Academic promise and financial need. Canadian citizen; have a student loan. You do not have to be of Korean descent; award administered by Korean Veterans!

* In process of transferring the administration to another foundation


Calgary Foundation


Various deadlines. Check website.

  • Check in various sections : High School Students/Athletics/Unique Awards
  • Resources Tab has ‘Tips on Applying’

For Calgary students only! These are some examples.

Aufricht Family Fund - $3000-$5000, renewable for 3 years, Involvement in the community. Good academic standing. Financial need. U of C or SAIT. May 30

Julia Turnbul Leadership Award - $1000 (5 awards). School leadership preferably through student politics, community leadership, volunteerism. May 30

Michael Gee - $2400, Midget hockey player, male or female, 15-18, nominated by coach May 31

Shannon Burwash Memorial - $2000 (1 award), post sec emphasis on horse, agriculture, business or equine veterinary medicine. June 1

Shelagh Mikulak Memorial - $2000 (2 awards), enrolled in library and info science, demonstrate passion for the library sciences field. Financial need. June 1

Calgary Black Chambers variety – June 15

Fraser Lockwood Memorial - $2500, volunteer work in church/community/athletics/cultural/political *preference to Filipino community members June 30

FNMI Bursary - $3500 (4 awards), AB post secondary school, short essay re: connection to culture July 31

Premier’s Citizenship Award

Deadline: Email or drop off to Guidance Counsellor by May 19

 PremierApp2021 - Application consisting of a chart re: how you meet the criterion as well as a personal statement.

One student is nominated by their school based on citizenship, leadership, community service/ volunteer work with a positive impact on their school or community.  Academics may be considered after other eligibility criteria. Students may not apply directly for these awards.  One plaque per school.  Nominee is automatically entered for two other major monetary awards: Queen’s Golden Jubilee Citizenship Medal ($5000), AB Centennial Scholarship ($2,005). Additional paperwork will be required in a tight turn around time for the nominee.

Various scholarships administered by Student Aid AB


Deadlines: Check website for criteria, deadlines and application details. Several are June 1.

Variety of scholarships and deadlines. Search by area such as: Academic, Athletic, citizenship, Indigenous, Language, Technology.

Fraser Institute Student Essay Contest


Deadline:  June 1, 2021  Apply online.


2021 Essay Contest -- The Ideas of Joseph Schumpeter: Exploring the Concept of Creative Destruction 3 prizes (up to $1500). 1,000-1,500 word essay. 

Dr. Ernest and Minnie Mehl


No deadline. No application. Chosen from Alexander Rutherford Applicants.

One award of $3500 to recognize exceptional academic achievement. Cdn citizen or permanent resident attending a degree granting Cdn school.

Nelson Civic Leadership Scholarship


Deadline: June 30, 2021.  Apply online.


$10,000 Civic Leadership - Graduating student who has academic success, personal strength, leadership /is making a difference in community. Essay and reference letter required.

Nelson Indigenous Student Scholarship


Deadline: August 1, 2021   Apply online.


$10,000 Graduating student who is a First Nation/ Metis/ Inuit student leader, has academic success, personal strength, commitment to preserving Indigenous language/culture. *pursuing university in the Education field. Essay and reference letter required.

High School Apprenticeship Scholarships


Deadline: All Apprenticeship students are automatically considered and will be notified by November 1.

This scholarship program is one that you don’t even have to apply to be eligible! All you need to do is consent and provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) – it’s that easy!

Even if you have already provided your consent, it’s best to go in and double-check that all the information needed is there so you don’t miss out on potential financial support. Go to your MyTradesecrets account and click on the Applications tab to provide or update your consent and SIN. If you have more than one active application, click on Details in the right-hand column to update your information.

Trades Bursary Program – ConocoPhillips


Deadline: Applications accepted year round.

$2500 (10 Awards). You are a high school graduate and have attended a school located in AB. You must be pursuing area relevant to the oil and gas industry or supporting the community where oil/gas activities occur. 75% average. Please note that preference will be given to students pursuing programs related to the oil and gas industry.

National Union of Public and General Employees


Deadline:  July 5, 2021– Applications online


Various:  $1500 -$2500 each. Young Worker Scholarship, Tommy Douglas, Indigenous Students, Terry Fox Memorial (disability), Black Students, Students of Color, Brian Fudge Memorial (health care, criminal justice, community service), LGBTQ2 Children/grandchildren/foster children of an employee or retired member of this union. 750-1000 word essay specific to each scholarship. Check criteria online.

Mancap Foundation Legacy Education Grant


Deadline:  Online or print application. July 31, 2021


$5000 Grants - Based on entrepreneurial ambition and financial need for students in Alberta. 2 letters of recommendation required. Academic excellence is not a requirement. Financial need is a criteria. For students entering post secondary studies and interested in preparing to start a business.

ATCO Indigenous Ed Awards Program


Deadline:  August 31, 2021– Apply online

Canadian indigenous person. Accepted to full time post secondary program. Leadership. Short essay describing why you are a suitable candidate. Reference letter. Transcript.

$500 – Merit Awards (gr 10-12)

$1000 – Bursaries – entering trade/tech school, diploma or certificate program, financial need $1500 – Scholarships – entering Univ. degree program.

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