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Go through the handbook then start exploring scholarships by month. We post at least one month in advance of due dates! The scholarship listing by month can be found on the right hand side of this page.

Students can contact the Student Services Office for more post-secondary planning information. Be sure to check the Daily Bulletin, Wednesday Warrior and the Student Services D2L Shell for information on post-secondary presentations, scholarships, awards, and other information. Please check the website often for changes and updates

Please search the following websites for upcoming scholarships:

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Other Websites to explore

University of Alberta Scholastic Distinction and Major Entrance (ie Leadership, Enriched Scholar (IB))

Scholastic Distinction up to $50,000. (95%) Leadership up to $20,000. (80%)

See website for criteria. Must apply for admission (2-3 days later receive a CCID and password) and then access the scholarship application via your BearTracks account

Attend a Scholarship 101 session:

January 11, 2023

Schulich School of Engineering – Diversity Champions in Engineering Awards, U of C

Entrance scholarships ($4,000 each).  The Diversity Champions in Engineering scholarships are provided to students entering their first year of study at the Schulich School of Engineering, who are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in engineering. These awards are intended to increase the participation and inclusion of under‐ represented groups in engineering, and support student success (FNMI, Female, LGBTQ2S+, Disability, Visible Minority, etc). 

***Not to be confused with Schulich Leader Scholarships (See posting below)

January 13, 2023


UBC Vancouver/Okanogan. International Students

Demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, intellectual promise, extra-curricular and community involvement. Up to $40,000

Apply to UBC by January 15, 2023

Automatically considered after UBC application for admission submitted by this date!


Schulich Leader Scholarships

Awarded up to $120,000 (up to 100 Awards). Prestigious national recognition. Access to summer jobs/internships from top Canadian employers. Selected by one of twenty partner universities to be a Schulich Leader. Must be nominated by the school (1 at HWW)

Must be entrepreneurial minded and pursuing a career in Scientific Research, Technology, Engineering, Math. *A Schulich leader nominee is not pursuing a career in Medicine or Medical Research, is not intending to become a Professor or conduct theoretical research, is not focused on activism (environmental/political/societal).

Must be a Cdn Citizen or permanent resident. Must enrol at one of the many partner Universities.     Must possess the following criteria:

  • academic  excellence AND
  • leadership, charisma, creativity
  • * strong consideration given to financial need

Must submit 1-2 page outline to your counsellor by Jan 23, 2023 RE: how you meet the following criteria:

1. Academic Excellence

2. Entrepreneurial Leadership in Scientific Research, Tech, Engineering, or Math

3. Financial Need (if applicable) or extenuating circumstances

4. Outline your top achievements, academic or other

5. Please include the Universities and faculties you are applying to

Submit using point form, paragraphs, or any creative way you choose to explain how you meet the criteria.

Jan 23, 2023 (criteria outline submitted to your counsellor)

Nomination (1 HWW student) by school is due January 31, 2023.

Nominee must complete the online application by Feb 21, 2023.


University of Guelph Major Scholarships

Scholarships valued at $42,500 each. President’s(9), Chancellor’s(2), etc

Students entering a degree program with a minimum 80% admission average who have made significant leadership contributions to their schools and/or communities.

Must apply first to University of Guelph.


January 25, 2023


McGill University Entrance Scholarships

$3000-$12000, many renewable, awarded on the basis of academic achievement and outstanding leadership in school or community activities. There are some automatic awards however for major entrance scholarships:

Apply to McGill. Do not wait to be admitted! Get your PIN to log in to Minerva. Go to the Major Entrance Scholarship link.



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Just posted a photo @ Henry Wise Wood Senior High School

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