Scholarship Listings


Masonic Higher Education Bursary


Deadline:    February 1, 2021


Financial need and scholastic ability. Going into a program no less than 2 yrs in length within AB. Essays required for some awards/ ‘proof of family income’ required.

30 ($5000) across AB.

2 ($7000) across AB entering Pharmacy or Medicine. Click the Apply tab/Create an account.

Kin Canada Bursaries – Hal Rogers Endowment Fund


Deadline:   February 1, 2021


Successful applicants are chosen based on their community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada and financial need.

123 (in 2020/21) $1000 bursaries

Submit to the Kinsmen, Kinette or Kin club closest to where you live (see online list).

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award


Deadline:   February 1, 2021 midnight


Up to $28,000. Involvement in voluntary humanitarian work that is not compensated for. Good academic standing. Canadian citizens or landed immigrants entering degree or diploma program in Canada.

3 references and transcript will be required.

Honoring Spirit: Indigenous Student Award

Nomination Deadline:   February 1, 2021


Must be of First Nations, Metis or Inuit heritage, who demonstrates leadership and inspires others. Qualities of perseverance, healthy attitude, embracing cultural identity, improvement in attitude/work ethic/attendance, honesty and kindness.      See Ms. Delion or Ms. Renaud for further instructions.

Optimist Essay Contest


Deadline:   February (check for your local district club's deadline)

click under Who We Are/ Scholarship Contests

Submitted to local Optimist club.


Essay Contest: Must write an essay of 700 to 800 words on the required topic. $2500

Club deadline to submit to district is usually before March.

Oratorical contest: 4-5 minute speech on a required topic. $2500

Club deadline to submit to district: February 28, 2021

  *Check with local club well before the due dates listed

Western University – National Scholarship program



*Must have applied to Western main campus using OUAC application system- the Registration OUAC # is needed (advise to complete early)

A copy of your online application is due to your HWW counsellor Feb 8, 2021Your counsellor’s email address is submitted in the Nomination section. A second staff email address is given for your reference letter in the Assessor section.

The scholarship committee will nominate 4 candidates. You will be notified by the school nomination deadline of Feb 14, 2021 if you are one of the nominees!


National Scholarships are designed to recognize all-round excellence. They are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance (90% average plus) to candidates who demonstrate ability for creative and innovative thought and a passion for the pursuit of learning, National Scholarships also recognize exceptional achievement in extracurricular activities such as the arts and athletics. A special emphasis is placed on a candidate's commitment to community service through ongoing contributions to school and community life. There are numerous scholarships available valued up to $65,000. 

 Must be nominated. 

University of Waterloo – Faculty of Math


Deadline:   February 10, 2021

Other automatic entrance awards and bursaries available with later deadlines.


Various. Some are automatic entrance awards and some reguire an application.

Faculty Global Scholarship Application

Entrance Scholarships – submit an AIF form and write the Euclid and/ or Canadian Senior Contest

McGill University Entrance Scholarships


Deadline:    February 7, 2021

Must apply to McGIll first. 


$3000-$12000, many renewable, awarded on the basis of academic achievement and outstanding leadership in school or community activities. Also check their faculty specific scholarships! Some of these are automatic and some require an application. Apply to McGill. Get your PIN to log in to Minerva. Go to the Major Entrance Scholarship link.

McMaster University - Entrance Scholarships, Engineering


Deadline:   February 12, 2021

Application for admission submitted prior to this date.


McMaster entrance scholarships are automatic based on grades however Faculty specific scholarships require an application. In Engineering ONE application is required to be considered for all entrance awards.

Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership Award



To be nominated please see your counsellor by Feb 16 with the 1 page chart (see criteria to right) If you are the nominee you will be notified by Feb 22 so that you can complete the application and have it postmarked by Mar 1, 2021.


Each High School is eligible for 1 nomination. There are 12 awards, 1 per province/territory ($250). Must be a student leader in school & community, academic achievement in top 20% of your graduating class. If seeking nomination submit a 1 page chart to your counsellor by Feb 16 explaining how you meet the above criteria. (point form is fine, we will print your transcript to go along with the chart). If nominated you will complete an application to be postmarked by March 1.

Burns Memorial Fund: Senator Patrick Burns Legacy Scholarship


Deadline:   February 23, 2021 

Applications available in the school Student Services Office or online. Application due to your counsellor if you wish to be recommended.


$2500. For students applying to post-secondary with financial need. If living at home the most recent ‘Notice of Assessment’ is required; if living independently supply documents indicating monthly income. Transcript. Extracurricular/volunteer work recommended. To apply, applicants must submit a completed application form to their counsellor; counsellor will complete a recommendation form and fax in by the last day of the month!

Cadillac Fairview Youth of Distinction Awards


Deadline:  February 2021(?) 

Date not released at time of posting, subject to cancellation due to COVID, check website



Students can be nominated for the following:

 Advocacy, Arts & Culture, Environmental, Leadership, Peer Support, Perseverance, Sportsmanship, and Volunteerism. Applicants must be Age 12-18.

 This is not monetary award/ recognition only! Students should ask an adult who knows them well to complete the online nomination form.(ie, teacher, coach, group leader)

RBC Indigenous Student Awards Program


Deadline:    February 28, 2021  11:59 EST


RBC Royal Bank Scholarship for Aboriginal students. Student must have applied for post-secondary and requires financial assistance.

10 awards valued up to $5,000 available per year for two to four years.  Two categories: students majoring in financial services and those not majoring in financial service industry. Selection based on personal and academic achievement and financial need. FNMI students are welcome to apply. Online application.


STEAM Horizon Awards


Deadline:   January 15, 2021

Visit the "How To Apply" section.

For Gr 12 students pursuing education in Sci, Tech, Eng, Arts, Math. 80% + average. Recognized for past accomplishments in areas such as science fairs, coding, invention, interactive art, volunteer work, etc.

$25,000 (5+ awards, 2 of these for indigenous youth)

UBC Vancouver/Okanogan. International Students


Deadline:   Apply to UBC by January 15, 2021

Automatically considered after UBC application for admission submitted by this date!

Entrance and Outstanding International Students. Demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, intellectual promise, extra-curricular and community involvement. Up to $40,000.

The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth Scholarship

Applications available from your group leader.

Deadline:   mid-end January

Grade 9-12

Two or more scholarships of $1000.  Based upon on school and community involvement, academic achievements, citizenship and leadership contributions, problem-solving skills, and registration, participation, and/or volunteer work in the Calgary Bridge Foundation’s various programs. Application from your leader.

Schulich Leader Scholarships



Jan 20, 2021  (criteria outline submitted to your counsellor, see right column) 

January 27, 2021  Nomination (1 HWW student) by school.

Feb 17, 2021  Nominee must have completed the online application.

Awarded up to $100,000 (up to 100 Awards). Prestigious national recognition. Access to summer jobs/internships from top Canadian employers. Selected by one of twenty partner universities to be a Schulich Leader. Must be nominated by the school.(1 at HWW)

Must be entrepreneurial minded and pursuing a career in Scientific Research, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Business Enterprise. Must be a Cdn Citizen or permanent resident. Must enrol at one of the many partner Universities.

    Must possess the following criteria:

  • academic  excellence AND
  • leadership, charisma, creativity
  • * strong consideration to financial need.

Must submit 1-2 page outline to your counsellor by Jan 20, 2021 RE: how you meet the following criteria : 1. Academic Excellence 2. Outstanding Community/ Business/ Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creativity

3. Financial Need (if applicable)

4. Outline your top achievements, academic or other.

*Please include the Universities and faculties you are applying to.

Point form, paragraphs, or any creative way you choose to explain how you meet the criteria.

*A Schulich leader nominee is not pursuing a career in Medicine or Medical Research, is not intending to become a Professor or conduct theoretical research, is not focused on activism (environmental/political/societal).

University of Guelph Major Scholarships


Deadline:   January 25, 2021  Online Applications

Scholarships valued at $42,000 each. President’s(9), Chancellor’s(2), etc Students entering a degree program with a minimum 90% admission average who have made significant leadership contributions to their schools and/or communities. Must apply first to University of Guelph.

Terry Fox Humanitarian Award


Deadline:   February 1, 2021  online applications opens December

Max $28,000 dispersed over 4 years. Gr 12’s planning for university or college in Canada; Cdn citizen or landed immigrant; involved in humanitarian activities (no compensation!!)

Honors the spirit of Terry Fox! For those ‘having demonstrated the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship and humanitarian service while in pursuit of excellence in academic, amateur sport, fitness, health, and voluntary community service. In so doing has reflected those ideals of courage, humanitarianism, service and compassion, which Terry Fox embodied.’ 3 letters of reference that referees will complete online; transcript

McGill University Entrance Scholarships


Deadline:   Must apply to McGill first. Application deadline February 7, 2021

$3000-$12000, many renewable, awarded on the basis of academic achievement and outstanding leadership in school or community activities

Apply to McGill. Do not wait to be admitted! Get your PIN to log in to Minerva. Go to the Major Entrance Scholarship link. There are also entrance bursaries that can be applied for after acceptance. Based on financial need.

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