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Go through the handbook then start exploring scholarships by month. We post at least one month in advance of due dates! The scholarship listing by month can be found on the right hand side of this page.

Students can contact the Student Services Office for more post-secondary planning information. Be sure to check the Daily Bulletin, Wednesday Warrior and the Student Services D2L Shell for information on post-secondary presentations, scholarships, awards, and other information. Please check the website often for changes and updates

Please search the following websites for upcoming scholarships:

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Other Websites to explore

Education Matters -Variety

Deadline: May 1 (Opens early March) Watch dates due! Some are due May 1, others May 30th!

  • Students create an account. Use non CBE email.
  • Check off that you are a Scholarship Applicant NOT Grant Applicant.
  • Eligibility/Matching– will narrow down the awards you should consider applying to (still read criteria carefully for each award).
  • Select ‘ALL Awards’ as you do not have to apply for them all but cannot go back and select other awards later on! Demographics will save to all award applications.
  • Consider saving essays in a Word document to copy/paste and use for future applications.
  • Your counsellor will be the third party endorser; an email will be generated to your counsellor from Education Matters so that your transcript can be uploaded and average calculated by your counsellor.
  • Be sure to modify essays and answer all questions - they are not the same for each award!
  • Reference letters must be signed (!) and may be used for more than one award but you will have to upload them for each award.
  • Financial and Leadership information will be in a spreadsheet you will upload for each award you apply to.
  • Applications can not be edited once submitted.

Counsellors will endorse as soon as possible. Do not wait for endorsement!


FAQ and contact info: https://www.educationmatters.c...




HENRY WISE WOOD HIGH SCHOOL SPECIFIC SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS (only HWW students eligible!!) Check each award for additional criteria:


Warriors Legacy Endowment Scholarship – five awards ($500), one in each area; academics, athletics, fine arts/drama, citizenship/community spirit, overcoming obstacles/challenges May 1


Tanner Montana Outstanding Human Service Award, $1500, share your ‘kindness story’ through letter or video May 1


Thomas Walter Morrish Memorial Scholarship - 1 award ($600) demonstrated outstanding commitment to and participation in school athletics May 1


 M Cecil BrownleeCompleting Grade 10! Leadership; financial need May 1


Warriors Science Award – ($500) IB Chemistry or IB Biology students, financial need  May 1


Below are just a sample of the awards available for all CBE students:

Joan Ethier Women in Science, ½ tuition/2 yrs, Faculty of Sci/U of C May 1

Kermet Archibald & Jacoba Van Den Brink, up to $25,000, Hard Sciences, financial need May 1

Marguerite Patricia P. Bannister, $4,000 (renewable 4 years), preference if from single parent family, U of C, financial need May 1

Thomas Moore Memorial, $1,000, FNMI May 30


Thorner/Johnston/DiMarzo New Immigrant Bursary, $15,000, newcomer past 5 years, financial need May 1


Calgarians Improving Society, $2500 (renewable 3 years), post sec in Calgary in a field that will make a positive contribution to society. Mandatory active community involvement May 1


Arrata Family Award, $2300, new to Canada within 5 yrs, financial need, essay on challenges May 30


Aboriginal Students Award, $1000, academic promise, attendance in school & community re cultural awareness activities, financial need May 1


Inspiring Immigrant Award, $1000, new to Canada in last 5 yrs, story re: transition, financial need May 30


Rudy Berger, $1000, Hospitality/Tourism related program in Calgary May 30


Jason Fasano Spirit Award, $750 or $1500, video or essay, demonstrate spirit of respect, acceptance, helping, preference to Bowness student May 30


Eimer Scholarship Fund for Health Care $2000, practical health program related to patient care at BVC, MR, SAIT or U of C (not eventual Medicine route) May 30


Viscount Bennet Band Bursary –$100, Grade 11, financial need May 30



 See website for many more!


Kids Cancer Care Dereck Wandzura Memorial Scholarship

April 30, 2023

contact for info: 403- 216- 9210

Childhood cancer patient or survivor. Dr. diagnosis letter required plus application.

Application includes: proof of application to post secondary, 800-1000 word essay, transcript, 2 references. Download on website.

NEW: Luke Santi Memorial Award – 1 award, $1000 Established and funded by Perimeter Institute, this award is presented annually in memory of Luke Santi. Luke was a high school student who demonstrated a passion for research and discovery, earned top marks in his courses, took part in a variety of extracurricular activities, and volunteered his time in service of others.

In honour of Luke’s many accomplishments and contributions, the award is presented annually to a Canadian student who demonstrates Luke’s many qualities — academic performance, interest in science, extracurricular activities, and volunteering — and is graduating high school to begin post-secondary education in physical sciences at a Canadian university.

May 31

NEW: Fred Mifflin Memorial Scholarship – 1 award, $3000

Each year, the Navy League of Canada issues one Maritime Affairs Scholarship valued at $3,000 to an active Sea Cadet entering an accredited post-secondary program within the maritime sector. Rear-Admiral Fred Mifflin joined the Royal Canadian Navy at age 16 and commanded both at sea and ashore over his 33-year career. He was the Commanding Officer of HMCS SKEENA from 1970-1972, and finally, Deputy Commander of the RCN from 1985-1987. After retiring from the RCN, he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Bonavista-TrinityConception from 1988-1999 and held various positions in Parliament, including Minister of Veterans Affairs, and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. Rear-Admiral Mifflin was the Honorary Chairman of The Navy League of Canada for 17 years, and in 2011 he was awarded the Robert I. Hendy Award for his national and international contribution to Maritime Affairs.

June 30

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Just posted a photo @ Henry Wise Wood Senior High School

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