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How to Help Your Teen Get Ready for Finals

  1. Help them prepare a study schedule
    Print off a blank January/June calendar and write in exam days and any other extracurricular commitments.
    Henry Wise Wood Exam Schedule
    Working backwards from exam days, break down each course and write in the units to be studied on each day. Prioritize with more difficult subject areas to be covered first and for a longer amount of time.
  2. Set Goals and Reward
    Work with them to set appropriate and achievable goals regarding test scores and amount of time spent studying. Reward them for goals accomplished both during their study time and after exams.
  3. Be sure to keep routines
    Bed time and wake time should not vary greatly from regular school days. Meal times should also remain regular. 
  4. Help prepare a study space
    If studying at home, help provide a quiet study space where student will not be distracted. Cell phones are not necessary for studying. Encourage your child to leave their phone in another room. Provide paper, sticky notes, pens, and highlighters to them. Ensure healthy food and water is available to them. 
  5. Encourage regular, active breaks 
    Students should be taking breaks at least once per hour. This is a good time to have a healthy snack, walk the dog, or check social media. This time allows the brain a break and future study time to be effective. Ensure it is only a break and studying resumes according to their schedule. 
  6. Offer encouragement and support
    Ask your child if they would like any help studying. Check in on them periodically. Understand your child is most likely under stress and may not be their normal self. Remain calm even when they are not. Try to find a balance between showing you care and allowing them to grow their independence.
  7. Exam Days 
    Have exam supplies ready to go the night before. Clear water bottles and small snacks in clear bags can be brought into the exam. Students need picture ID, pencils, white erasers, and calculators with fresh batteries for some exams. Ensure they get plenty of sleep the night before. Encourage them to wake up well before they need to leave so they are not rushed and have time to eat.

A few activities you might suggest for your gr 10 student after the last exam is done:

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