Sep 14
Welcome back to Hidden Valley School

​Thank you to all of our wonderful students, parents and families for a successful school re-entry, and supporting us as we work together to keep everyone safe at school.  We are grateful to see parents wearing their masks (those who can) at drop off and pick up and for modeling this for our students.  We ask that everyone continues to wear masks and to physically distance from others, and especially from other students waiting in their lineups. Please remind older siblings and students who are picking up their younger siblings to please wait far away from all doors as our students exit the building. 

Some Reminders:

·     AHS has declared that all playgrounds are closed before and after school and are closed during the day except to students who are with their classroom cohort during recess.  Please refrain from allowing your children to use the playgrounds during these times.

·     When parents/siblings/families are dropping off and picking up, please stand 2 meters or more away from the student lineups and doorways, and socially distance with others while outside the school.

·     Always pack an extra mask, a water bottle, and snack for your child every day.  Please include forks and spoons if required for snacks and lunches.

·     Please go over the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist ( every morning before school. If your child answers yes to any one symptom on the checklist, please do not send him/her to school and please contact 811 for further information/guidance.  If your child is exhibiting any Covid-19 symptom while at school, we will be calling you to pick your child up within an hour, and ask that you call 811 for further information/guidance.

·     What to do if your child has any one of the Covid-19 symptoms:

  • Please do not send your child to school with masks attached to necklaces or lanyards unless they have a breakaway release.

Continuing Learning Online

Your child's teacher will be sending out information regarding their online learning forum using Google Classroom or Brightspace. If your child has been instructed by Alberta Health Services to self-isolate or quarantine, they will be able to keep up to date with their learning while at home through their online classroom.

Literless Lunches

Hidden Valley School students are learning about litterless lunches and how to decrease our environmental footprint by Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.  Due to Covid-19, any wrappers, juice boxes and other disposables will be sent home in your child's lunch kit.

Bell times and Soft Start Entry

Hidden Valley School's start time is 8:30 am Monday – Friday.   We have started our Soft Start Entry and it has been going very well.  Soft Start Entry is where students are able to enter to school ten minutes before the bell.  This makes it so that your child does  not have to wait in line and can enter the building as they arrive.  This avoids traffic and congestion outside as well as inside, especially with the colder weather on its way.  

Parking and “Hug and Go"

We know that parking around HVS and VCS schools can be challenging. If you are dropping your child off in a vehicle, we recommend arriving early to get street parking. Please note that the parking lots are for staff only.  We do not have room to accommodate any extra vehicles. For safety reasons, please do not pull in to the parking lot to drop off your child. The street section directly in front of our school is for Hug and Go only.  You may only park for a few minutes (as directed on signage).  When you pull up, please park, turn off your engine, make sure your child gets out of your vehicle safely, Hug and then Go.  Parking is for 2-3 minutes maximum.  Also, when parking on the North side of the street, please walk your child to the nearest crosswalk and cross the street using the crosswalk only. 

Thank you for your patience and working with us to create a safe and great start to our 2020/21 school year. ​

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