Discipline Policy 

Teachers and parents work together to support their child’s success. Our philosophy is that we are teaching young children expected social behavior and that incidences often become teachable moments for children at this age. In the event there is an ongoing issue regarding frequency or intensity of unexpected behaviour, parents will be contacted. Hidden Valley School adheres to Administrative Regulation 6005 - Student Code of Conduct and  Administrative Regulation 6006 - Progressive Student Discipline on matters related to Student Code of Conduct and Progressive Student Discipline.

Lunchroom Expectations

Students will:

  • Treat others with respect (lunchroom supervisors are in charge and are to be respected at all times)
  • Stay seated in their assigned desk/table
  • Speak in a soft voice
  • Use kind language
  • Follow directions when asked
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self
  • Move in the hallways in a quiet and orderly fashion
  • Stay within school boundaries at all times
  • Not share food
  • Complete their lunch and tidy their own desk/table
  • Raise their hand if they have a question or need assistance

When a child has difficulty in following lunchroom expectations, the lunchroom supervisor will speak to the child. Serious incidents will be directed to school administration. Ongoing inappropriate behaviours that persist could result in a suspension from the lunchroom.

Behaviour on the Bus

  • Appropriate behaviour is an expectation for all students riding the bus.
  • Students must ride sitting down and facing forward in case the driver needs to make a sudden stop.
  • Children must be polite to fellow riders and the driver.
  • Students may receive bus misconducts for inappropriate behaviour, and possibly be suspended from the bus, depending on the frequency and seriousness of the misconduct.

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