Program, Focus & Approach

Dual Track Programs 

Hidden Valley School is a dual track school (French Immersion and regular English classes). We offer these programs for the Kindergarten to Grade 3 students. The entry points for French Immersion are Kindergarten and Grade 1 only.

Kindergarten Orientation 

We host our Kindergarten Orientation in June.

Hidden Valley School Philosophy 

  • The school supports a child-centered approach which includes:
  • Fostering feelings of mutual trust and respect in a warm, supportive climate
  • Enhancing feelings of self-worth
  • Encouraging students to take ownership and accept responsibility for their behaviour
  • Using positive reinforcement and logical consequences
  • Providing opportunities for student involvement in decision making
  • Teaching strategies for conflict resolution

Parents as Partners

We recognize that parents are a young child’s first teacher. Once children start Kindergarten it is considered a shared responsibility between home and school. We look forward to working with you throughout the coming year in making your child’s total educational experience enriched, comprehensive and rewarding. We encourage parents to discuss the school’s programming and activities with your child and your child’s teacher on a regular basis. We invite your inquiries and concerns, and we appreciate your support and encouragement.

Supporting Your Child's Learning Experience

  • Review the website with your child.
  • Check your teacher’s blog and their communication folder for homework, notices, messages from the teacher, etc. If you have questions or information to share, please insert a note into your child’s folder. To communicate absences and appointments, it is imperative to phone the officer first. A note to teacher in the communication folder is also appreciated.
  • Provide children with a structured routine time and environment in the home that will support homework assignments.
  • Keep an open dialogue with your child and your child’s teacher about school related issues. Contact the teacher if you have concerns or want to discuss your child’s progress.
  • A key to success for young learners is to have an adult read with them every day.
  • Encourage your child, regardless of age, to “read” independently for enjoyment and learning
    (“reading” includes looking at pictures and words and turning the pages).
  • Encourage your child to do quality work. Writing/printing should be legible and assignments completed thoroughly. If a child is encountering difficulty with assignments contact your child’s teacher the following day.
  • Make school a priority - children must attend regularly, be on time, and be able and ready to engage in learning for maximum success.
  • Ensure your child gets sufficient sleep by ensuring they go to bed at a reasonable time. Keep it routine as much as possible.


In accordance with Calgary Board of Education Administration Regulation 3066 - Homework, the following policy for Hidden Valley School has been compiled.

The purpose of homework is:

  • to reinforce lessons taught during class time
  • to give students extra practice in a subject
  • to encourage a responsible attitude towards work
  • to enable parents to monitor student progress
  • to strengthen ties between home and school
  • to introduce and maintain time management skills

If a student is experiencing repeated difficulties with assignments then the student and/or parents are encouraged to contact the classroom teacher to review the problem.

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