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Honouring the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (Orange Shirt Day)
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September 2023

​Dear Families,
It is a real honor and privilege to work in your wonderful school community.  Highwood School is such a delightful place to learn and to grow.  It's a real pleasure to go from class to class to see the learning taking place and spend time with the students. I am so impressed to see how fast they are learning the Chinese characters to learn, speak, read, write and practice many other skills.  I love hearing them practice their oral language through rhyming, singing and speaking with their teacher and each other.
Parents play a big part in their children's learning and  play an instrumental part in helping us create a safe, caring, inclusive, and welcoming school community. Our collective collaboration gives us the opportunity to move learning forward. I want to thank you for participating in our Parent Teacher Conferences. If you were not able to connect with your teacher during the conference time, please do contact them to arrange a time that will suit you both to talk about your child.
I am working with our teachers to create a new School Development Plan which will be available at the beginning of November.  We are using data from the Alberta Assurance Report, Report Card, as well as Alberta Assessment tools such as the CC3 and the LeNS results and other teacher made assessment tools to prepare our plan based on our students needs.
Thank you for your continued support of Highwood School! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Happy Fall!
Lucie Lejeune
Acting Principal
Highwood School
我很荣幸在书声朗朗、精彩纷呈的海伍德学校工作。学生在学校快乐地学习和成长。我很高兴看到每一个班级的学生在学习,并和他们共渡美好学习时光。学生能够很快地学 习汉字,提高他们的听、说、读、写和很多其他技能,这些都给我留下了深刻的印象。我喜欢听他们通过押韵、唱歌、与老师或者同学之间交谈来练习口语。
我目前正在和教师们合作制定新的学校发展计划,该计划将于 11 月初推出。我们正在使用阿尔伯塔省保证报告、学生成绩单、阿尔伯塔省评估工具(例如 CC3 和 LeNS 结果)以及其他教师制定的评估工具中的数据,并根据学生的需求制定我们的学校发展计划。
​Translated by Hong Shen (Learning Leader - Highwood School) for:
Lucie Lejeune
Acting Principal
Highwood School

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