Behavioural Expectations

The Calgary Board of Education is committed to providing students and staff with a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. With this in mind, the CBE has created a system-wide Administrative Regulation 6005 - Student Code of Conduct with input from students, parents and CBE employees. This code of conduct applies to all CBE schools. Please refer to administrative regulations 6005, 6006 and 6007. 

We believe encouragement of good behavior and good work habits builds positive attitudes. We make every attempt to incorporate this belief in dealing with our students. It is most important school staff and parents work together and support one another when working through student discipline problems.

The school rules we expect our students to follow are:

  1. We respect each other
  2. We respect ourselves
  3. We respect our school
  4. We show the circle of gifts

We strive to provide a safe environment for our students. Aggressive behavior will be dealt with through consequences that may include suspension as outlined in CBE Administrative Regulation 6005 - Student Code of Conduct and CBE Administrative Regulation 6007 - Suspension and Expulsion.

We believe developing good citizens within a safe and caring community is vital.

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