Advisory for Cold Weather

During the winter months cold temperatures, wind chill and snow can make getting to and from school challenging.

Our school and other CBE schools rarely close due to snow or cold weather. Assume we are open unless you hear otherwise from us. Information regarding any school closures due to weather will also be posted on the CBE website, on CBE’s social media channels and shared with local news media.

If your child will not be attending classes please ensure you contact the school attendance line to report the absence.

During the winter season we remind parents/guardians of the following:

  • Children should be well prepared for the weather and not left unattended at bus stops for any period of time, under any circumstances.

  • Families should ensure that they have back-up care arrangements if transportation is delayed. Children should have a warm place to stay before and after school (i.e. with a neighbour or a nearby relative).

  • All CBE schools will remain open to provide a safe, warm and secure environment for students

Learn more about Using Transportation in Cold Weather and Outside Activities Guidelines for Cold Weather.

Current Calgary Weather

The Calgary weather forecast that appears on our website is provided by Environment Canada through one of its two Calgary weather stations, and is not school specific.

The CBE has standardized the weather to use Environment Canada to create continuity for parents, employees and schools. We know that temperatures can fluctuate around our city and we want to ensure that we are all accessing and viewing the same information.

Guidelines are provided for students and cold weather, but if circumstances change, the principal has the final decision. ​​

Cold Weather Days

Adequate Clothing

Please ensure that your child(ren) come to school properly dressed for any type of weather. A good pair of winter boots will keep their feet warm. Hats, gloves, scarves, snow pants and a good winter coat will make playing outside safer and more enjoyable. 

Extreme Cold 

As outdoor temperatures fall below -20 C with wind-chill, supervisors will be making the decision on whether it will be an indoor supervision or not. If it is determined to be an indoor supervision time, they will be actively bringing students inside the school. During the day, the outside doors will be locked and students needing to enter the school will be asked to come around to the office entrance. If you arrive at school and there are no supervisors or students outside, please walk your child around to the office doors and ensure that it is a school day.

Parents, please ensure your child(ren) do not arrive at school prior to the 15 minute supervision bell (unless involved in special activities).

Environment Canada is the source of our weather information and direct observation will be the source of rainy day / snow day decisions. When temperatures of –20 and below (including wind chill) are reported, or it is raining heavily, it will be declared a time for inside entry and school patrols will not be on duty.

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