Kindergarten | Ms. Hallett

February 2020

Dates to Remember

Feb. 2 - Letter Rr | Why is snow white?

Feb. 6 - Cooking Day

Feb. 9 - Letter Dd | Where does snow come from?

Feb. 12 - Cooking Day

Feb. 13 & 14 - Teacher's Convention - No School; Valentine's Day

Feb. 16 - Letter Vv | What does a snowflake look like close up?

Feb. 17 - Family Day - No School

Feb. 18 - Miss Clark returns

Feb. 21 - Cooking Day

Feb. 28 - Cooking Day

Wow, January went fast!!

We are still building and the students are loving it.

Thank you to those parents and friends that were able to come in to help out with supervising the hammering. A special thanks to Andres for cutting the wood for our hedgehogs. Tracy Malinowski has cut the wood for the robots and faces which are the last things to make then we will be finished with hammers, screws and wood.

his month we are exploring snow and snowmen. Near the end of the month I will be reading The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett to move into working with the Three Bears stories.

Several students have been able to tell me their phone number. Please continue to help your child memorize those important pieces of information. I will be asking students their addresses after they have learned their phone numbers.

Gymnastics is continuing until Teacher’s Convention. Please remember to keep hair tied back and no hoodies. We are not at school on Valentine’s Day. We will be talking about being friends and sharing in conjunction with this day. Students can deliver Valentines on February 12. A list of first names is included so that your child can match valentines to names.

Hailey Clark, our student teacher, will be starting back with us on February 18. Thank you for all of your support.

Shannon Hallett

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