Our Staff

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Terry Baustad - Principaltlbaustad@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

Sandy Wong SWONG@cbe.ab.ca

Veronica May vekoleff@cbe.ab.ca

Karen Wallace pcolquhounwallace@cbe.ab.ca
Shandra Tymchuk sjtymchuk@cbe.ab.ca
Dirk Vrielink DJVrielink@cbe.ab.ca
Hamilton Baudner habaudner@cbe.ab.ca
Jason Polowski jgpolowski@cbe.ab.ca

Ben Wheatley bewheatley@cbe.ab.ca
Bobby Lahoda drlahoda@cbe.ab.ca
Shane Wojtula SWOJTULA@cbe.ab.ca
Marcus Vlaar MPVlaar@cbe.ab.ca
Mike Hilton mahilton@cbe.ab.ca
Serena Keuben smkeuben@cbe.ab.ca
Sean Loyns sqloyns@cbe.ab.ca
Brenda Wong BLWong@cbe.ab.ca

Emily Nagy emnagy@cbe.ab.ca
Kaylee Garden kdgarden@cbe.ab.ca
Rehmat Rempel rnrempel@cbe.ab.ca
Chad Samson casamson@cbe.ab.ca
Nate Polsfut 
Chloe Grant chgrant@cbe.ab.ca
Jason McKay JJMCKAY@cbe.ab.ca

Office Staff


Sheila McLachlan - SecretarySMMcLachlan@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff


Ginger Haesler - Education Assistantglhaesler@cbe.ab.ca
Susan Sandberg - Librarianscsandberg@cbe.ab.ca
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RT @SunnysideCBE: Coming soon... Sunnyside's Learning Circle! A huge thank you to our school council for helping our idea of an outdoor classroom to become a reality! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/iZaUmt3AIB

We’re excited to welcome back modified calendar schools today! Hope students and staff have a great first day of classes. We wish you a fun and successful school year. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/OzQwGMzYUV

Great job by students from @MandelaUnited! So great to see students giving back to their communities #WeAreCBE https://t.co/rLn8VaAMGb