Our Staff

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Terry Baustad - Principaltlbaustad@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

Sandy Wong SWONG@cbe.ab.ca

Veronica May vekoleff@cbe.ab.ca

Karen Wallace pcolquhounwallace@cbe.ab.ca
Shandra Tymchuk sjtymchuk@cbe.ab.ca
Dirk Vrielink DJVrielink@cbe.ab.ca
Hamilton Baudner habaudner@cbe.ab.ca
Jason Polowski jgpolowski@cbe.ab.ca

Ben Wheatley bewheatley@cbe.ab.ca
Bobby Lahoda drlahoda@cbe.ab.ca
Shane Wojtula SWOJTULA@cbe.ab.ca
Marcus Vlaar MPVlaar@cbe.ab.ca
Mike Hilton mahilton@cbe.ab.ca
Serena Keuben smkeuben@cbe.ab.ca
Sean Loyns sqloyns@cbe.ab.ca
Brenda Wong BLWong@cbe.ab.ca

Emily Nagy emnagy@cbe.ab.ca
Kaylee Garden kdgarden@cbe.ab.ca
Rehmat Rempel rnrempel@cbe.ab.ca
Chad Samson casamson@cbe.ab.ca
Nate Polsfut 
Chloe Grant chgrant@cbe.ab.ca
Jason McKay JJMCKAY@cbe.ab.ca

Office Staff


Sheila McLachlan - SecretarySMMcLachlan@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff


Ginger Haesler - Education Assistantglhaesler@cbe.ab.ca
Susan Sandberg - Librarianscsandberg@cbe.ab.ca
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A number of CBE schools have participated in #StudentVoteCanada last week and today to learn about democracy in action #WeAreCBE https://t.co/XugrIa8ZpC

RT @NickleCBE: Drive by and check out our new trees! Grade 7 Environmental Stewardship class planted 7 trees in front of our school (purchased by EcoClub last year). We are excited to be adding to the biodiversity of our community! #WeAreCBE #getoutside #environmentstewards @NickleParents https://t.co/Lpg5lX8LyH

We’ve reviewed the new health measures announced by government and provided an update to CBE families https://t.co/2kr6uYxlMq #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/qP1dPOwMTY

RT @ohscbe: It is definitely looking like fall out there! Our Grade 6s are learning about the autumnal equinox occurring on Sept 22, which marks the change of the season! #SkyScience #WeAreCBE https://t.co/BKZZMfmlnC

Thank you to all of the CBE students involved in the safety patrol program. We must all work together to ensure student and pedestrian/wheeler safety on the roads and pathways near our schools. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/QDjFocgZaj