Attendance Line: 403-777-7360 ext. 1

Attendance Policy at Ian Bazalgette School

The Attendance Policy at Ian Bazalgette is based on the following principles:

1.  Regular attendance is mandatory as per the school act and is the responsibility of the student and parent or guardian

2.  The role of the teacher is to encourage full attendance and support this by maintaining an accurate record of student attendance, sharing this information with students and parents/guardians as required and reporting student attendance concerns to administration.

3.  The administration, with support from teachers, and parents/guardians, is responsible for working with students to resolve critical attendance problems.

If students are absent:

1. Bring a note to the office from a parent or guardian stating the date(s) of the absence and the reason(s) for the absence.


2.  Have his or her parent or guardian call the attendance line (403-777-7360 Ext: 1) and give your child’s name and homeroom, the date(s) of the absence and the reason(s) for the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete all work missed while absent and to make arrangements to write tests or complete tasks that may have been missed. The Principal has the right to determine whether an absence is considered excused or unexcused.

3. The school is not responsible for providing work for students whose families go on extended vacations during the school year. Attendance is mandatory under the School Act, and a student’s overall achievement will be affected by extended absences. 

Student attendance is not just entering the building, it also includes going to class and attending each class throughout the day. It is the expectation of ALL staff that ALL students arrive to class on time and stay for the duration of the class. They are not permitted to leave the class without teacher permission. 

Students who are late, leave class without permission or skip class altogether, will be responsible for serving detentions to make up for the missed time.  This time will be made up with their teachers.   Home contact will be made when such an event occurs.

When students are late to a class or skipping class, they will be given a detention and phone call home.  If they do not serve the detention they will be given a second opportunity to make up the time (the dentation may be for a longer duration of time).  If student fails to serve this detention, administration will become involved and the detention will be served with the office.  If this detention is not served, an alternate consequence (i.e. in-school suspension) will be issued.

If late arrival to class, leaving class or skipping continues and becomes a repetitive problem, administration will become involved and in-school suspensions, community service or other consequences may be issued to the student.  This will be dealt with consistently and consequences assigned on a case by case basis.

Parent involvement is key to student success and teachers and administration will communicate attendance concerns via phone, email and face to face meetings.  Student success is a team effort between home and school. 

Late Arrival/Early Departure from School

To ensure the most success for your son or daughter it is extremely important that they arrive each day on time and prepared to learn.  If a student arrives after 8:15 a.m. or after 12:40 p.m. they are considered late.  If a student is late due to an illness, appointment etc., please send the student with a signed and dated note or phone the office 403-777-7360 ext: 1 (please leave a detailed message).  If a student arrives late and it is not excused a home call will be made.  Please review the Ian Bazalgette School Bell Schedule with your student to ensure that they are aware of the important times. If you need to pick up your child before regular dismissal, please pick up your child in the office and sign them out stating the reason. Students in a middle school setting are not permitted to leave the school before dismissal unless a parent or guardian is there to pick them up.

In case of an emergency or if a student needs to go home due to illness, it is essential for the office to be able to contact a parent at any time during the day. Please inform us of telephone and/or address changes.

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​​​Attendance in MyCBE

Our student information system, MyCBE provides parents, guardians and students with access to detailed attendance information. For help creating an account or signing in, please visit Technical Support for Students & Parents.

Attendance records are available in Grades and Attendance or Attendance History. Common attendance codes are:

  • (P) =Present
  • A = Absent
  • L = Late
  • IL = Illness
  • AP = Absent - Parent Called
  • LVE = Leave Early
  • MA = Appointment

A legend of all the attendance codes are available at the bottom of the attendance charts.. To discuss any discrepancies, please contact the school office.

Attendance Expectations at the CBE

We believe there is a strong correlation between attendance and effective education. The CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Students​ regulation applies to all of our students, and outlines the responsibilities for students, parents and school staff.​​​​​​​​