Student Expectations at School

It is expected that all students at Ian Bazalgette School adhere to the Calgary Board of Education's Student Code of Conduct.

Further to this and specific to Ian Bazalgette School, we expect all students to:

  • Be on time to school and to class. 
  • Attend all classes! Stay in class for the duration, students are not permitted to leave without teacher permission.
  • Do assignments in class and homework. This work should be completed on time and to the best of your ability. Ask for help – we are here for you.
  • Keep backpacks, purses etc. in lockers. (please note: students are not permitted to sell goods out of their lockers)
  • Be polite, courteous and respectful of the rights of others.
  • Comply with all staff requests.  If you feel the request is unreasonable, respectfully ask to discuss the matter at an appropriate time.
  • Comply with all school and Calgary Board of Education regulations and expectations.

Students who are unable to meet these expectations and behaviours listed in the CBE Code of Conduct will receive consequences for their behaviour.  This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Detentions
  • Community service
  • Restarts
  • In-school suspensions
  • Out of school suspensions

Teachers and/or administration will be in contact with parents when students are not meeting school behaviour expectations.

When students are sent to the office and referred to administration for their behavior, they will need to complete a CASE STATEMENT.  This procedure will be reviewed with homeroom classes so that all students understand this process.

The following situations, but not limited to, could result in an in-school suspension, out of school suspension, recommendation for expulsion, or police involvement. 

  • Fights, assaults and/or physical interference 
  • Bullying (physical or verbal)
  • Threats or other severely disruptive behaviour directed towards staff or other students. This can include but is not limited to: foul language, racial slurs, rude gestures or rude/defiant/abusive behaviour etc.
  • Online threats or bullying which impacts the school environment
  • Defiance – refusing to follow an adult’s request
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Smoking, drug use or the consumption of alcohol on school property or during the school day.

The following situations could result in a formal suspension potentially for expulsion:

  •  use, possession of, or active contact with, weapons or threats 
  • use, possession of, distribution of, or active contact with drugs or alcohol
  • personal or sexual harassment
  • physical violence
  • threats against staff or other students in the building

Inappropriate behaviour is usually able to be addressed on the spot by school staff.  Inappropriate behaviour becomes a major situation when it is persistent or threatens the safety of students and staff.

Prohibited Items

Students may not possess the following items on school property:

  • Items for the use of gambling
  • Weapons and/or look-alikes, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, drugs of any kind, cigarettes, which includes e-cigarettes, vapes and related equipment, tobacco products, marijuana, inhalants, bear mace, electric shockers, laser pointers, cigarette lighters, matches, stink bombs, and any items that are offensive 
  • Food items: sunflower seeds, energy drinks, pixie sticks, and peanuts in the shell
  • SMOKING e-cigarettes, vapes or other drugs is not allowed at any time within the buildings or on the school property.


Fighting in the school or on school property, and/or on the way to or from school will not be tolerated.  Our school’s policy is to investigate all situations which involve physical assaults; this often results in the suspension of students involved. Police may also be involved when deemed appropriate by the school administration. Bullying is not acceptable behaviour. Students will receive consequences if they choose to bully, harass or intimidate others. Students are encouraged to inform us if they experience problems. This information is kept in strict confidence.

Dress Code

Students are expected to be neat and tidy in their clothing and personal care.  Our dress code is intended to promote a positive and professional learning atmosphere. Unacceptable attire includes, but is not limited to: clothing with inappropriate language and/or symbols (i.e. marijuana leaf, references to drugs or alcohol), excessively torn clothing, “belly” shirts, halter or tube tops and muscle shirts..  Skirts and shorts must be of a modest (fingertip) length and it is encouraged that shirts/tops have sleeves.  Teachers will consult and determine the appropriateness of a clothing item.  If deemed inappropriate students may be required to wear gym shirt, or the parent will be called to bring in appropriate attire.

Outside coats or jackets– students are not allowed to wear them to classes.  They must be left in lockers.

Backpacks/purses - cannot be taken into classrooms.  They must be left in lockers and used to take belongings to and from school only.

Hats  - are permitted in the school.

Cell Phones

If your cell phone is being used (for speaking or texting) during school time (including between classes) it may be confiscated and locked up in the main office.  At the end of the day, you may come to the office to speak to an administrator and retrieve the cell phone.  On the first offence, cell phone rules will be reviewed. On the second offence, the cell phone will need to be secured in the office and picked up at the end of the day or by a parent/guardian depending on nature of offence.  Subsequent offences may result in a parent meeting, suspension or the creation of a student contract. Reminder, to keep your items safe it is recommended that cell phones are locked up in a locker during the day. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones. We would ask for the cooperation of parents NOT to call or text their child during class time.  If you have an emergency and your son/daughter is expecting your call – please contact your child’s teacher to make special arrangements.

Vandalism/Property Damage

Students and their parents are responsible for the cost of vandalism done by students.  Students who intentionally, or through carelessness, damage school property will be charged for repair or replacement.  Any damage should be reported immediately. A student can anonymously report anyone they see committing vandalism.  A vandalism report will be completed and forwarded to the CBE, which will take action to collect the money owing.

Staff Parking Lot

For safety of students walking to the busses and to and from school, we request that parents/guardians refrain from driving into the staff parking lot for drop off and pick up. The staff parking lot is to be used by staff and board employees only.

Parents!  Please refrain from entering the staff parking lot for student drop offs/pickups. We also ask that you do not park in the staff parking lot.

Bus Zone

The area in front of the school is a bus drop off and pick upzonefor both science program and handicap busses.  We ask that you follow and respect the signage posted.  Please do not park in the bus zone.


Students are not to be involved in throwing snowballs or for that matter anything you find on the ground, in and around school property.

Student Expectations on Field Trips

Throughout the year teachers will be planning a variety of field trips.  Attending a field trip is a privilege as students are representatives of Ian Bazalgette School.  If there have been behaviour concerns, safety concerns etc. leading up to the trip, students may lose field trip privileges at the school’s discretion.  Teachers would communicate this to parents in advance of the field trip.

Spectator Expectations at Athletic Events

  • Students watching an athletic event must either have a teacher sponsor or a parent accompany them
  • Offer constructive support to our teams and avoid criticizing the opposition
  • Show appreciation of good plays by both teams
  • As a host, welcome the visitors as guests, offering all possible assistance
  • As a visitor, respect the property of the host school, and accept the host’s regulations
  • Recognize and accept an official’s (referee) decision as final
  • Knowing how to lose and how to win is an important character trait. Accept either victory or defeat graciously, respecting the efforts of everyone.  

Personal Property

The care of personal property is each student’s responsibility. The school does not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items of any kind.  Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuable items to school.

These items include:

  • Cell phones, game systems, cameras, iPods, iPads, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops or any other electronic items of distraction.  


For visibility and increased security all bicycles should be kept in the location provided in front of the school.  Bicycles should be securely locked; students should have a record of the serial number(s).  Though we encourage the physical activity associated with riding a bike, the school assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles.

Skateboards/Scooters etc. 

As per CBE policy, skateboards, roller blades/shoes, scooters and hover boards are not to be used on school property.  Students using a skateboard, roller blades, scooters and hover boards as a mode of transportation are asked to lock them on the racks provided outside or to store them in their locker for the day.  It is not the responsibility of the office or teaching staff to store scooters etc. in the office or classrooms. If a students is using skateboards/roller blades/scooters/hover boards inappropriately on school property they will have them confiscated.  Parents/guardians may be required to claim them from the main office.

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