​Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study​

Course Options


Students will learn the history of animation and identify fundamental concepts of the illusion of movement through animation. The will also produce short animation assignments using a variety of animation techniques using both computers and cameras.

2D Art

Students will explore various 2D art media such as watercolours, sketching, chalk pastels and painting.  Students will gain skills in a variety of areas and be encouraged to create pieces on a subject of their choice.

3D Art

Students will create art in three-dimensional spaces, including work with clay, recycled materials and they will explore the design elements. 


Students will receive an introduction to basic schoolyard Astronomy concepts.  Students learn about distant objects such as galaxies, nebulas, supernovas, and black holes. They will see how mythology and technology have increased scientific understandings of deep space and constellations.  Students will research and present information about an astronomy topic of their choice, as a final project.


Students will explore music in a concert band setting, no experience necessary!  They will be exposed to a variety of instruments and styles through listening, learning to play and performing. The focus of this course will be on concert band instruments (woodwinds, brass and percussion) and performance.   Students will perform for school events, in the community and festivals. Grade 9 students will also have the opportunity to play in the Jazz Band as an extra-curricular activity.  Please note, Band is a full year commitment and students will register in this course term 1, 2 and 3.


Are you into new, sports, weather, TV or Radio? Broadcasting is the class for you! Students will be creating our very own Ian Baz TV station, where you will get to be the broadcaster, cameraman or editing specialist. We will broadcast all the news that Baz has to offer, as well as look into what is going on in your world.


Students will learn the fundamentals of good business practice, how to start your own business, planning, marketing, following your passion and making a profit.  Student will meet with community businesses to learn from their expertise.


In choral we will be singing contemporary songs in large groups, small groups and individually. We will be performing for the school closer to the end of the term. Choral gives students an opportunity to explore their favourite music while learning vocal techniques and arrangements.

Computer Science

The goal of the Computer Science option is expose students to the fields of Internet technology, hardware, software and programming. Students will be exposed to the inner-workings of a modern computer and its peripheral hardware, terminology and concepts surrounding the Internet and the World Wide Web, building webpages and coding, animation, 3D software and the Microsoft Office productivity software suite.


Students will be working with a variety of materials and tools to design, create and build a number of different projects throughout the terms.


This class will provide opportunities to explore creative makeup, nail art and application, skin care and hair care. Students will be able to create and design different hair styles, makeup looks, lotions and bath products. Some career connections will also be explored throughout the class. 

Creative Writing

Students with a passion for writing will be given an opportunity to expand their technique, writing style and experience with various literary genres. 


Students will explore a variety of dance styles with the opportunity to create their own dance routines and perform in front of peers and possibly a larger audience.


Students will focus on exploring the use of a 3D Home Design program called Cadsoft.  They are challenged to design and find solutions to engineering problems. Students will learn the basic steps involved in the planning and design of a project while creating 3D presentations using 3D RealView technology.


Students will explore improvisation, reader’s theatres, scripted skits and an introduction to drama makeup techniques such as old age and gore.


Students will be learning a variety of techniques such as beading, embroidery, knitting, and hand or machine sewing in order to plan and create unique works.  There will also be some exploration of other textiles through jewellery making.


Students will explore different genres and eras of film as well as looking at the technical aspect of filmmaking. Students will learn about camera angles and shot types in order to create a variety of film pieces using DSLR cameras and iMovie. 


We know that “You are what you eat!” Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating assists you to make wise food choices. The students will gain knowledge relating to food safety, and safe handling of tools and equipment. The knowledge and skills gained in Introductory Foods will be used to produce nutritious edibles from grain products, vegetables and fruits, milk products, and meat and alternatives. The students will be able to describe food choices in relation to Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating. 


Students will be exposed to introductory speaking, reading and writing in the French language.  They will learn about traditions and history related to French culture in Canada and throughout the world.


Students will learning to read music and build their musicality though listening and playing.  They will build their instrumental skill through rehearsal and performance of guitar.  

Indigenous Studies

Students will explore traditions and stories related to Indigenous Cultures.  They will explore oral history,  hands on activities as well as past and current cultural practices.


Students will be exposed to introductory speaking, reading and writing in the French language.  They will learn about traditions and history related to French culture in Canada and throughout the world.

Landscape Gardening

Students will explore gardening and landscape techniques.  They will consider sustainable practices, environmental impact and practical hands on learning experiences.


This is a hands-on course that provides students the opportunity for planning and executing leadership initiatives in the school and the community.  They will be given an opportunity to positively contribute to assemblies along with small and large events throughout the school year.

Outdoor Education

This is a hands-on course that provides students the opportunity for a practical study of outdoor activities, including personal safety and introductory outdoor survival skills.  


Students will explore the use of DSLR cameras to capture images and create projects based on their interests.  They will apply skills of focus, exposure, aperture and composition.

Power Up Your Learning

Students will learn how to use their learning preferences and strengths to support their learning. They will explore and refine learning strategies and technologies to support their achievement in their core classes.  They will also strive to become engaged thinkers, reflect on their learning, set goals and understands their strengths and areas for growth in relation to their academic success.


Using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits students will be taught to build, program and troubleshoot various sensors to execute challenges.


Students will be exposed to introductory speaking, reading and writing in the Spanish language.  They will learn about the various Latin American cultures.

Sports Medicine

This is a hands-on course that provides students the opportunity to study the human body, how body systems function along with an introductory understanding of first aid practices.  Injuries and injury prevention in sports will be emphasized throughout the course.

Travel & Tourism

Students will virtually visit different countries and destinations in Canada and the world and develop an appreciation of different cultures and lifestyles. Students will apply their knowledge to plan and research a fantasy trip to a destination of their choice.

Training for Excellence in Sports

Students will be given an opportunity to increase their physical activity levels during the day. They will spend the majority of this option class in the gym, the fitness center or outside participating in a variety of physical activities.  The focus of the course will be on improving one’s fitness levels through various workouts, fitness challenges and games.  By signing up for this class, you are giving yourself the gift of improved health and fitness.

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