Jack James teachers offer a wide variety of extra-curricular programs to meet the varying interests of our students.  Most of these programs have little or no cost and are designed for maximum involvement of their members.  We have a student leadership group, a yearbook committee, and a graduation committee.  We also offer the following clubs: movies, robotics, video editing, weight training, and singing, to name a few.  If there’s something you’d like to see offered that isn’t yet available, connect with a teacher and get things started! 

Student Activities Group

Our student activities group, along with our mentorship class develops, coordinates, and runs various activities throughout the school year. Some of these activities include a welcome to new students, Halloween costume judging and pumpkin carving, Valentine activities, Christmas activities, a year end party and more. This group of fun loving students is always looking for new ideas to make the school an even better place to be.

Robotics Club

Jack James Robotics Club meets after school on Wednesdays in the Automotive room. We have been to two Skills Canada Competitions. Our first year competing in the Skills Canada Competition, we won a bronze metal at the provincial level. We are currently competing in the Skills Canada Competition as well as the FIRST Robotics Competition. We are one of 4 CBE schools who will be participating in the first ever First Robotics competition in Western Canada. We receive mentorship from both Devry and Sait as well as facilities to build our robots.

Outdoor Club

Do you like to climbing, hiking and being outside?
Would you like to try snowshoeing in the mountains and find out how avalanche beacons work?
Then you should join the outdoor club.
Meetings will be held Tuesday’s at lunch.

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