​​Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities invite students to pursue passions and interests that fall outside the curriculum. These activities can include special interest clubs, arts, music and athletics. Opportunities are offered depending on school resources. ​​


Our school has a wide variety of programs to meet the varying interests of our students. Most of these programs have little or no cost and are designed for maximum involvement of its members.  We offer a student’s leadership group, fitness, weight training, and graduation committee, to name a few. We are always open to new activities and clubs if there is student interest.

Our student activities group coordinates and runs various activities throughout the school year. Some of these activities include a welcome to new students, Halloween costume judging and pumpkin carving, Valentine activities, Christmas activities, a year end celebration and more. This group of fun loving students is always looking for new ideas to make the school an even better place to be.

Jack James has a proud tradition of competing in athletic interscholastic sports. Our teams compete in the Calgary High School Sport League made up of schools with a similar population. We offer volleyball, basketball, and badminton. We compete against the large schools in wrestling, cross-country, swimming and track and field. Jack James and Forest Lawn have become a dual campus and as a result students are eligible to participate in sports on either campus in consultation with their respective administration. For sports that we are unable to offer, like football and rugby, our neighbour school, Forest Lawn High School, accepts our athletes.

We offer an extensive noon hour intramural program at Jack James. The focus of our intramural program is to give our students competitive activities that are based on fun and involvement. Everybody is always welcome to join these teams.You don’t have to be skilled to be involved and enjoy yourself. Flag football, volleyball, 3 on 3 basketball, floor-hockey, badminton, and indoor soccer make up our intramural league.

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