How to Register

How to Register at Jack James High School

The school offers ongoing registration, there is no deadline to apply to Jack James High School. 

For more information or to book a school intake appointment, please email or call the office at 403-248-4054.  The CBE Unique Settings Transfer Request form and course selection can be found under Resources.

Knowledge & Employability Registration Procedures

Students are usually recommended for Knowledge and Employability Courses (K&E) by their present school. School counsellors, administrators, and classroom teachers make their recommendations and submit names of possible candidates to Jack James. Parents may also initiate admission procedures as their school of choice.

Registration forms are submitted by the student’s through Jack James counselling sessions at the junior high schools. The status of each application is decided upon and communicated to the school and parents.

Registration forms may also be submitted during the school year. Parents are contacted with regard to informed consent.

Although Knowledge & Employability Courses are an excellent opportunity for learning, they may not be appropriate for all students. Information from the student’s last school is essential in determining whether K&E are in the best interest of the student. Parents should become very familiar with K&E and how they differ from the regular program before making a decision for their child.

Tours and information sessions for students and parents are held to help them with the decision regarding courses.

Jack James Introduction Video:

Transfer Request for Unique Setting High School

This form is only for requests to transfer to one of the following unique settings high schools:

  • Alternative High School
  • Discovering Choices
  • Jack James High School
  • Louise Dean School Instructions

1 | Go to the school website for information about the requested school and its transfer process and requirements. Some schools require additional forms. Follow the directions provided on the school website.

2 | The parent / legal guardian or independent student must fill out Page 2 of this form.

3 | Submit this form, plus any other forms required by the unique setting high school, to your designated high school. Note: CBE will respond to your transfer request through email.

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