Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

Human Care 10-4

Human Care courses are designed to teach occupational knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in child care and home care by developing employability competencies that relate to all career paths.  Students will work toward completion of the Emergency First-Aid Certification.  

Child Care 20-4, 30-4

Pre-requisite: Human Care 10-4

Childcare 20-4 and 30-4 focus on the care and development of young children.  Students work towards their provincial Child Development Assistant Certification for career opportunities in child care settings.  The focus of student work at both the intermediate and advanced course levels is centred on practical customer experience in Jack James Preschool, our highly successful licensed community preschool.

Examples of Pathways: Child Development Assistant, Community Disabilities Studies, Geriatric Care, Health Care Aide

Cosmetology 10-4, 20-4, & 30-4

This program is designed to introduce students to future opportunities in Cosmetology through hands-on experiential learning.  Cosmetology 10-4 students explore best-practice in the field of hair-dressing and esthetics.  Cosmetology 20-4 and 30-4 specialize in hairstyling and salon industry best-practice through real-world opportunities with community clients.  Upon completion, students will be prepared for career or post-secondary opportunities in the cosmetology pathway. This option is available at Forest Lawn High School and is available to Jack James Students.

* There is also a CTS and RAP program for Cosmetology which is available upon consultation with student services at Forest Lawn.

Examples of Pathways: Cosmetology Hairstylist Trade: Esthetics, Nail Art, Skin Care, Theatre Make-up 

Foods 10-4

Foods 10-4 is designed for students who are interested in the food service industry and/or would like to learn to cook for themselves and others. Foods 10-4 explores the role of the commercial cook, and others who work in the industry, to assist students in gaining some experience toward their first job.  Students interested in this course can then specialize in Commercial Cooking and/or Food Preparation and Service. 

Examples of Pathways: Cooking for Entertaining, International Cuisine, Food and Nutrition, Wedding Cake Boss

Culinary Arts (Commercial Cooking) 20-4 and 30-4

Pre-requisites: Foods 10-4

Commercial Cooking 20-4 and 30-4 focus on food  preparation and service that will provide students with a solid foundation for entry into industry or post-secondary studies.  Students will have the opportunity to practice their coursework in our ‘realworld’ commercial kitchen that services student/staff lunches and special banquet events.

Examples of Pathways: Cook Trade, Restaurateur   

Food Preparation 20-4 and 30-4

Pre-requisites: Foods 10-4

Food Preparation and Service 20-4 and 30-4 focus on basic food preparation and customer service.  Students will develop an understanding of nutrition and food choices, with the ability to apply these principles in a variety of meal planning settings.  Students will be prepared for direct entry into the food service industry. 

Examples of Pathways: Server, Restaurateur   

Leadership 15, 25, and 35

This class is designed to support Volunteerism both within the school-setting as well as the larger community.  A secondary outcome of the Mentorship program is to strengthen individual hope and resiliency within each student participant.   Mentorship focuses on communication and the development of interpersonal skills.  Students are expected to participate in leadership within the school as well as partnering with an outside agency and delivering a mentorship opportunity to elementary children as role models and agents of Hope.  These students participate in school functions as hosts and support for extracurricular programs, as well as fund raisers for our “holiday hamper drive.”  

Mentorship students spend a lot of time developing their portfolios within the school which include public speaking and speech making, as well as volunteer hours. 

Examples of Pathways: Foundations in Mentoring, Leadership through School Council, Peer Mentorship, Workplace Readiness

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