​​​Off-Campus Education

Connecting what students learn in school with the real world in a variety of ways, including job-shadowing, volunteering and paid positions. It helps prepare students for the workplace through hands-on experiences. These opportunities are offered to all high school students.

Visit the Unique Opportunites and Off-Campus Education page on the CBE website for more information.

Off-Campus Education

Work Experience

The Work Experience program provides students with the opportunity to explore the work environment.  Students can:

  • Earn credits for working or volunteering
  • Explore potential career choices
  • Receive practical on-the-job training
  • Obtain references and contacts necessary for future employment
  • Be Student-for-a-Day at various post-secondary facilities Register for Dual-credit or Exploratory programs off campus

Help your high school student acquire some employment basics! While in high school all students should have:

  • Access to their birth certificate.
  • A form of government issued photo ID such as a Learners or Drivers License, an Alberta ID card, or a current passport.
  • Their social insurance number.
  • At least a photocopy of their Alberta Health Care card in their wallet.

If you need financial help in acquiring your student’s government ID, take their birth certificate and proof of address to the Alex Community Health Centre at 2840 2 Ave SE, 403-266-2622. (Alex Centre also helps to acquire birth certificates.)  These procedures can take weeks and starting early is key!

Throughout their high school career, students have many opportunities that require they have proper ID.

Work Place Practicum 20-4/30-4

Prerequisite: Knowledge and Employability 10-4 Elective (Shop)

Work Place Practicum allows Grade 11 and 12 students to develop the skills needed to find and acquire a position and be successful in the workplace. As well, it provides opportunities for students to apply essential employability and workplace competencies, acquired through the occupational component, in the workplace.

Work Experience 15/25/35   (From 3-30 Credits)

Prerequisite:   HCS 3000

Work Experience allows students to gain practical knowledge, enhance their skills, confirm career decisions, and form attitudes that will assist them in their transitions from school to the world of work. Students in Grade 10, 11 and 12 can enroll. The prerequisite course, HCS 3000 (Workplace Safety Systems), must be completed before any off-campus education credits will be awarded. Existing part-time jobs may be eligible as a work experience placement provided the student can demonstrate new learning is occurring.

The Work Experience program provides students with the opportunity to explore the work environment.  Students can:

  • Earn credits
  • Explore potential career choices
  • Possibly be hired for part or full-time work
  • Receive practical on-the-job training
  • Obtain references and contacts necessary for future employment. 

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

The Registered Apprenticeship Program provides students with on-the-job training toward an identified trade.  Student who utilize this route can:

  • Gain valuable hours toward their apprenticeship (bluebook)
  • Network with industry expertise
  • Explore future career and life opportunities

Prerequisite:   HCS 3000

The Registered Apprenticeship Program is an excellent opportunity for students who know they want to enter a trade to “earn while you learn.” This program usually begins during the summer after the grade 10 school year. The student selects a trade and is placed into a 125 hour work experience (5 credits) which serves as a probationary period. Successful students are then indentured and can earn up to 40 Registered Apprentice credits toward graduation. The student’s timetable is adjusted to accommodate the RAP program. By graduation the student can have completed the hours needed for the first year of an apprenticeship and be ready to apply for the training weeks at a post-secondary institution.

Note: Additional information is available from the Off Campus Education Coordinator at Jack James. 

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