​​​Regular Program at the CBE

Even though most of our schools offer a regular program, no two are quite the same. All schools teach according to Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, however a school’s focus, optional courses and school activities are as unique as every school.​​​

Program, Focus & Approach

Personalization of Learning

At Jack James High School we recognize the unique and diverse learning needs of all of our students. We are dedicated to creating a supportive learning environment with a focus on promoting positive mental health and resiliency within the school community. Jack James staff is committed to providing students with authentic and personalized learning experiences that foster individual growth and encourage an exploration of future employment and life opportunities. Jack James students learn through a variety of best-practice teaching and learning strategies including authentic, hands-on experiences, integration of technology, strong community connections, and formative assessment. The Jack James approach to teaching and learning directly supports the achievement of the Calgary Board of Education Board of Trustees Results Policies and Three-Year Education Plan

We stress the development of universal employability and life skills in all classes so that our students can understand and meet the requirements of a competitive local and global work force. Jack James High School is committed to supporting students through a strength-based approach that attempts to maximize individual student potential. Each student begins their unique pathways journey by selecting programs and courses that reflect their individual interests and passions. These choices provide opportunities for employment in a variety of career areas.

Personalization of learning provides students with an educational framework that includes:

  • Inquiry focused
  • Student centred assessment practices
  • Development of learner profiles
  • Flexible program delivery
  • Technology infusion
  • Social construction
  • Individual student learning plan
  • K & E and Diploma streams available

Please see the Detailed High School Course Guide for more information.

Why Knowledge and Employability?

The purpose of Knowledge and Employability (K&E) is to enable students to:

  • develop essential concepts, skills, and attitudes in preparation for their roles in the home, community and the work place
  • develop self-esteem by being successful in their learning experiences
  • develop practical applications and connect their learning to the home, community and workplace

Why Jack James Diploma Classes?

Diploma courses at Jack James are designed for students with specific needs that would benefit from a more supportive classroom environment with fewer students. 

This may include students who:

  • achieve success through experiential learning activities
  • may benefit from non-traditional learning programs and environments
  • want to explore apprenticeship and/or post-secondary opportunities at the college level

Alternative Programming 

These programs have been developed to meet the diverse needs of our student population.   Programs provide an educational alternative for students who, due to individual circumstances, are unable to successfully handle a full course load in a regular classroom setting.  Grade 11 and 12 students who have been unsuccessful in two or more grade 10 academic classes with a final mark of 35-49%.  Students then work with Credit Recovery staff to complete the curricular outcomes they have not met.  A flexible approach is taken to teaching, learning and timetabling in recognition of individual needs.  Admission to any Alternative Program is the decision of Administration.

The focus of Alternative Programs is to provide a calm, encouraging and quiet place where students can access support and focus on completing classroom work.

Assistance is provided by the Teacher(s) and includes the following: tutoring and one-on-one instruction; scribing; reading of tests and assignments, etc.; group assistance; assistive technologies (read and write gold, dragon naturally speaking); modified materials (with the support and guidance of the classroom teacher); other accommodations as required.  Students may be assigned to Alternative Programs for course completion by the designated Administrator.

Alberta Distance Learning (ADL)

From time to time and or for special circumstances we also use the distance learning model for students who can discipline themselves to work in this manner.


Work Experience

The Work Experience program provides students with the opportunity to explore the work environment.  Students can:

  • Earn credits for working or volunteering
  • Explore potential career choices
  • Receive practical on-the-job training
  • Obtain references and contacts necessary for future employment
  • Be Student-for-a-Day at various post-secondary facilities
  • Register for Dual-credit or Exploratory programs off campus

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

The Registered Apprenticeship Program provides students with on-the-job training toward an identified trade.  Student who utilize this route can:

  • Gain valuable hours toward their apprenticeship (bluebook)
  • Network with industry expertise
  • Explore future career and life opportunities

Career Support

Staff works to support students in the following areas:

  • Personal interest inventories to determine abilities and future job/career potential
  • Resume writing
  • Job application, interview preparation and work search skills
  • Building a portfolio
  • Complete Exploratory Program or Dual-credit Program applications
  • Career talks and awareness of job or training opportunities

Other Services

  • Behaviour Support
  • Wellness
  • School Psychologist
  • School Resource Officer
  • School Nurse
  • Alex Bus

In addition:

  • Educational Assistants are deployed throughout the building in a variety of classes to assist students with individual learning needs.
  • A variety of programs are offered such as Healthy Relationships and mentorship. 

Community Connections

We have created opportunities for students to engage with our community and extend learning beyond the classroom walls. Opportunities will also be given for students to have flexible learning time to focus on areas of need and attention in their courses.  These are mandatory attendance days designed to augment the learning of students.

There will be days throughout the semesters for students to use time for completing work, project completion and enrichment.  Students will work with teachers in the following manner:

  • Arrange to come in to complete work/projects to keep course work on pace.
  • May be asked to attend by teacher as work is falling behind or incomplete.
  • May be rewarded with time off if all work is up to date or ahead.

We hope these days will be of value to students to take leadership within their own learning.

In addition to completion days, we will be implementing Jag Time every Friday.  These will be 40 minute connection periods to their homeroom teachers.  These are mandatory as important information will be given out and collected during these periods. This time will also be structured for students to connect with the school and surrounding community.

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​​​Off-Campus Education

Connecting what students learn in school with the real world in a variety of ways, including job-shadowing, volunteering and paid positions. It helps prepare students for the workplace through hands-on experiences. These opportunities are offered to all high school students.

Visit the Unique Opportunites and Off-Campus Education page on the CBE website for more information.

​​​​Dual Credit at the CBE

As a CBE student, you may choose to take a dual credit program as part of your high school learning plan. Dual credit programs allow you to:

  • Study in an area of passion and interest
  • Get a jump start on post-secondary learning.
  • Earn high school and post-secondary credits (transferable).
  • Build confidence and develop skills that will support a successful post-secondary transition.
  • Experience a post-secondary learning environment and learn about ongoing opportunities.
  • Reduce first-year course load and the time required to complete a program.

As a dual credit student, you would be concurrently enrolled in both a post-secondary institution and your high school​. You would earn credits towards both a high school diploma and a post-secondary degree or diploma.

Application packages and program details will be posted on:


​​​​​​Exploring Career Choices

Career and Technology education provides CBE students with dynamic, personalized learning opportunities that​ support them to transition into education, training and work. It is a part of the Alberta Programs of Study and is offered in every school, every day and for every student.

 Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is a complementary program for high school students. Students develop career and technology-related skills while enhancing employability competencies. Here is an overview of CTS pathways and Knowledge and Employability (K&E) Occupational Courses and information on specialized facilities.


Career & Technology Centre at Lord Shaughnessy High School

The Career & Technology Centre (CTC) is a hub for CTS learning for students registered in CBE high schools across Calgary. Students who attend the CTC will take courses at their designated high schools. Still, they will also access the CTC to enhance their learning through credentialed, dual credit or pre-placement programs for specific periods.

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