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Welcome to Jack James Preschool!

Registration begins the first week of March after 9:00 AM and is ongoing. Forms will be available at the main office of Jack James High School or can be downloaded on this page in the resources section.

This is a unique program in the city of Calgary. The preschool operates as an integral part of the Child Care program of studies at the Grade 11 and 12 levels. Two groups of students will work with your child - one group from mid September to the end of January (Semester 1) and the other group from February to mid - June (Semester 2). The purpose of this
program is to teach students about appropriate child management techniques. At the same time the preschool is the model of a quality early childhood program for 3 and 4 year olds and provides a valuable service to the community. (Children must turn 3 by September 10 to register for the program in September.)

The preschool is a structured two hour, two day per week program. Upon arrival each morning, the children move into free play time with their choice of activities.

The gathering circle brings the children together to learn about the theme for the day, songs, alphabet and number work and a story. After this circle time, the children move back into a free play time with an art activity component. All children are given the opportunity to participate in the art project for the day during this free play period. A second circle time
follows clean up time and then the children have a snack that is provided by Jack James Preschool. The final activity is games time just prior to ending the preschool morning. 

Hours of Operation

There are 2 distinct classes of preschool - Monday and Wednesday, and Tuesday and Thursday. All classes will operate from 8:45 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. (There is a possibility of a slight time change, depending on the finalization of the high school schedule.)

Registration Fee and Cancellation Policy

A $70 security deposit and a non-refundable $25.00 deposit are required at the time of registration to confirm your child’s placement. If your child completes the full year of preschool, your security deposit will be used to cover the final preschool fee in May. If you need to withdraw your child from preschool, 30 days written notice is required in order for your prepaid security fee to be returned to you.  (Example: If you are withdrawing your child beginning Mar. 1, we require written notice by Feb. 1)


Jack James Preschool fees are $655.00 (including the registration fee) for the entire year. The security fee and registration fees are due at time of registration. We offer the convenient option of paying your remaining fees as eight $70/month installments. Monthly payments must be made at the beginning (within the first 2 weeks) of each month in order to hold your child’s space in the program.

If your account is more than one month in arrears, and/or your child misses four or more consecutive classes without notification, your child will be withdrawn from the program.

Our fees are low because this is a teaching program. We always have a lengthy wait list of families that would be thrilled to have their child in our program. Unpaid accounts will be forwarded to NOR-DON Collection Network Inc. for further action.

Monthly payments are offered as a budgeting convenience to you. Fees are due regardless of the number of days that your child attends in any month. We prefer that you give us 8 post-dated cheques dated for the first of the month, (September to April). If you wish to pay by cash, debit, or credit card, we require you to make payment by the end of the first week of each month. If you rely on a certain mid-month pay date or benefit, please plan accordingly. (For example, if I receive a credit on November 21st I use it to pay December preschool fees at the beginning of the December.) These processes assist in reducing our bookkeeping responsibilities and allow us to concentrate on the children.

Please note: We will issue only one receipt for each payment you make. We will NOT issue duplicates. All cheques returned due to non-sufficient funds will be subject to a $20 fee to cover banking cost associated with NSF cheques.


If you will be taking an extended vacation during the preschool year, please let us know the dates that your child will be away. If you want your child to return to preschool after your vacation, you will need to pay in advance for the time your child will be absent. (Example: If your vacation begins on January 15th and your child will return to preschool on April 1st, you will be required to pay for the months of January, February and March prior to leaving for your vacation. Without this advance payment, we are unable to hold a space in the preschool for your child.

First Day of Preschool

Preschool will begin about the middle of September. Child Care students need to go through an orientation before we allow them to work with the children. This orientation time may vary from one class to another because we want to be sure that the students are ready to provide quality care for your child. Late August or early in September, we will be sending you a letter confirming your child’s first day of preschool.

Jack James Preschool Policies

The Preschool is an important part of the Child Care program at this school. The Preschool allows the students practical experience working with three and four year-old children and at the same time operates as a service to the community. The program is under the direct supervision of the Child Care teacher and the Child Care Instructional Assistant.
Please read the following information carefully and sign the sheet on the registration form indicating that you have done so. Thank you.

Accidents Causing Serious Injury

In the event of an accident causing serious injury, the student will report immediately to the Child Care teacher or the Child Care Instructional Assistant. 911 will be called. The child’s parents will be notified immediately. If neither parent can be reached, then the emergency alternate contact person will be notified of the situation. Parents are responsible for the cost of an ambulance ride if required. The accident will be reported to the local Child and Family Services Authority (CRSA). The CRSA may contact you (the parent) as part of their investigation into the accident. The High School Administration will be informed of any serious injuries.


Medication will not be administered during preschool times. If a child requires medication during preschool, then the parent must return to the preschool to administer it. Neither staff nor students will take responsibility for medications of any kind.

Illness and Communicable Diseases

When your child is ill, you will be contacted to arrange for the immediate removal of your child if he or she has any of the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting;
  • Fever (a temperature greater than 38 degrees Celsius);
  • Diarrhea; and/or a new and unexplained rash or cough.

Once sent home from the preschool, your child will not be allowed to return until the program receives a note from your child’s physician or your child has been symptom-free for at least 24 hours.

The preschool is bound by the Communicable Disease Regulation under the Public Health Act, section 22(1) and (3). To identify outbreaks and epidemics, provide preventative treatment and education, and protect children and staff in the school setting, we must report communicable diseases by calling the Public Health Centre or Health Link.

All accidents or serious illnesses are recorded. These records include date, time, name of child, names of students and/or staff involved details of the occurrence, and action taken.

Please note that it is extremely important that we always have up-to-date information on your child including:

  1. The child’s legal name, date of birth and home address of the primary residence.
  2. A parent’s legal name, telephone numbers and primary residence address. The telephone number must allow the preschool to reach a parent during the time their child is in attendance at the program.
  3. An emergency contact’s name, telephone numbers and address. The emergency contact also must be able to reach the child’s parents(s) or arrange for the child to be picked up from the program when a parent cannot be reached.
  4. Details of any medical conditions and health care required by the child, including immunizations and allergies.

Discipline Policy

Physical punishment, physical restraint, verbal or physical degradation, emotional deprivation and confinement or isolation is prohibited in Jack James Preschool.

Jack James Preschool offers a structured program for children. There is a schedule of appropriate activities planned for each day. Although it is a structured program, there is also flexibility. Changes can be made based on the mood of the children. For instance, if the children are really enjoying a particular activity, we may allow more time than usual and decrease the time doing something else. However, the children have a framework that provides them with limits and expectations for their behavior. For example, the children learn that in preschool we use “inside” voices instead of shouting. Children also learn to clean up their own mess, but often with some help.

The Child Care program is specifically designed to teach students how to handle children using positive child management techniques. Students are taught to give the children explanations; to provide choices when appropriate; to anticipate children’s needs; to recognize differences in age, temperament, and experience; and to help redirect children in conflict situations. Students learn to “actively listen” to children and to use “I messages” to express their feelings to children.

In situations where a child’s behavior is considered to be a danger to himself/herself or is a danger to others, then the child will be removed from the situation for a short period of time until the behavior is under control. A child must not be removed for any longer than 2 or 3  minutes before the person who removed the child returns to talk to the child and asks if the child is ready to come back and join the other children. If the child is not ready, then that person may allow the child another couple of minutes alone but then must again return and talk to the child. When the child is ready to return she/he is allowed to do so but will be removed again if the inappropriate behavior continues. When a child is removed from a situation he/she is taken a short distance away, usually to a location where the other children can be seen engaged in their activities.

Media Coverage

During the year we take various photographs of the children in Jack James Preschool and give copies to the families or charge a minimal fee for them (Santa photos) to help with the expense. We also give copies of photos to our Child Care students. Some photographs may be published in our high school yearbook, on our Facebook page or on our website. Children’s names will not be used on these sites.

Aside from this, from time to time, we receive requests from media representatives (newspapers, magazines, radio or television stations or web sites) to come onto school property to report on and/or photograph or record school programs. Media requests will be considered carefully before being approved by the school principal. In order to comply with Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Copyright Act, Jack James Preschool is requesting consent from parents to post or publish some student information. We recognize that there may be families that do not wish their child to be recorded. If you do not wish your child to participate in media coverage, we will involve your child in other activities while the recording is taking place.

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