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All work done on vehicles is done by the aspiring students in Mr. Addante’s Auto Body Class, for more information about this class, please see the Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT) page on our website.

Detailing: Car $35 / SUV $45 / Truck $55

  • Interior vacuumed/wiped down
  • Window cleaning
  • Car exterior cleaning
  • Deep seat cleaning/decontamination
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Rim cleaning
  • Deep seat cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning

Supplementary service: 

  • Shampoo additional $10 
    • If a vehicle comes in for shampoo, the vehicle will need to stay in the garage overnight in order to dry without difficulties.

Collision & Paint Repairs: TBD

  • Auto paint repair
  • Minor plastic repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • Minor collision repair

Collision and Paint Repair prices to be determined; please contact Mr. Addante in order to book an estimate.

Our Expectations From You:

Please make sure you check off all of these requirements in advance before the appointment:
  • Any important documents are taken out of the vehicle 
  • All personal belongings are taken out of the vehicle
  • If you want your trunk to be cleaned, please empty it out.
  • Please make sure to be on time for the appointment
    • Vehicle drop-off @ 8:30 AM
    • Vehicle pick-up @ 4:30 PM

Contact Us:

When contacting us, please make sure to include:

    1. Vehicle year
    2. Vehicle make
    3. Vehicle model
    4. Seating material (for interior detailing)
    5. Any additional information about your car that may affect our services


    Phone: 403-230-4743

    Address: 4004 - 4th Street NW Calgary, AB

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